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  1. sriram
    hi...i am sriram.

    i just got an admit in this univ. in the field of industrial engg.

    could any one tell the chances of funding i could get the fee is high can we expect any funding from this univ.?

    and what are the job opportunities and intern oppor. during and after my grad.? plz guide me in this area.
  2. abhishek a
    abhishek a
    Hai Sriram,

    I also yesterday got admitted to Auburn in IE. My qestion is also the same. In case u recv a reply forward me the same. It is nice if we can join together. Where r u from? I am from Mumbai from KJ Somaiya's COE. Pls keep in touch. Also send me your email id.


    Iyer Abhishek Anand.
  3. sriram
    Hello Iyer Abhishek Anand,

    I am from Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada. I just enquired about the univ. and got a good review, but i can't get any information about the funding. so lets do this job together and share our information.

    My Email id is :

    if possible could u tell me what r the other univ. u applied and admits u received ? I applied to 9 univ. and this is my first admit.

    u can also join me on FB with same name.


  4. abhishek a
    abhishek a
    Dear Sriram,

    My email id is I am currently at Bengaluru for my Indl visit at Volvo & TVS. Once I come back to Mumbai I will log on to Facebook.
    As regards applications I have had rejects from Misssisipi, Arkansas, Rochester, NJIT & Texas Tech. My other applns to Texas Arlington, Oklahama Stillwater, Lehigh, Wisconsin- Milwaukee & SUNY Buffalo are pending. I am confident of getting it in Arlington & Wisconsin. But I am likely to go for Auburn since the climate is good and people friendly and have resident Indian as well.

    With Warm regards,

    Iyer Abhishek
  5. Francy
    Hi guys,

    I am Francy John from Thrissur, Kerala. I provided my bank statement and presently waiting for I20. My MS pgm is micro electronics.
    I got rejected from NCSU and clemson and my application to UTD and FSU is not yet completed.

    Hope to c u guys soon..
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