• Why American and International Students Donít Mingle? What Americans feel about International Students?

    Michigan State Univ posted a video about Why American students and International student don't mingle well? This is a Discussion between American students and International students. Go through this video you will see interesting points what Americans feel about international students - Language, Cultural and other differences.

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    1. pooja91's Avatar
      pooja91 -
      I'm unable to watch this video..
      Can you give soft copy of this?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      The main reason from my experience is, many people see Indians as rude. They speak in their own language and does not have the courtesy to speak in English, despite knowing the language. And not just that, racism is seen among Indians-- wanting to be with same language people. They see most Indians as narrow minded too. If a person does not possess qualities such as above mentioned, mingling with Americans is a piece of cake.
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