• Visa Rejected for SUNY buffalo

    Got Visa rejected today ( 12th May 15 at Hyderabad US Visa Consulate) didn't expected), below is the conversation with VO (was African American lady).

    Visa Interview for SUNY buffalo

    My Profile:
    GRE 318
    TOEFL 98
    UG 7.54 (No backlogs)
    3 years work exp

    Me: Good Afternoon
    VO: How are you ?
    Me: Fine mam
    VO: Which college you are going ?
    Me: SUNY buffalo for pursuing MS in CS
    VO: In CS ok, what you know about Java ?
    Me: Told some basic things about OOPs concept
    VO: Who is sponsoring you ?
    Me: My father, brother and even taken loan of *** Rs
    VO: Is this the first time you are applying for Visa
    Me: Yes mam
    (After typing for 2mins)
    VO: (Handling my passport back with rejection paper stating failed to show ties) Sorry this time I am rejecting you.
    Me: Mam may I know the reason of my rejection ?
    VO: I doubt you are going for study purpose
    Really depressed. Can anybody suggest now what to do. As classes are going to start in Aug. So when can i reapply and with what points for justification ??

    -- Anuj Sharma

    Suggestions for Visa Refusal with 'Failed to show ties'

    Suggestions from fellow students.

    Anuj be confident and give it one more shot . Loan is not an issue for you as u showed 46k in liquid without loan amount .. So go ahead
    show min. 1.5 times the I20 amnt...n yeah loan would work and considered as liquid asset. Also, make a consolidated statement form CA of all the movable l and im-movable assets like property etc. If you father is working , generate his PF statements also.
    Visa officers are mainly concerned about how confidently you take up their questions . But yaa do carry all the documents which can help you . Though VI doesn't last for more than 2-3 mins and VO doesn't even check all the docs .
    'Failed to show ties' means didn't mentioned anything regarding returning back to India, but VO never asked anything regarding that, still couldn't understand
    hey Arjun! I dunno much abt VISA Refusals, but the rejection paper stating "failed to show ties", means that, there is no proof that you would be abandoning US soil once you completed your course. Major reasons for this is, if they know that any of your relatives, especially close or blood relatives are in US already! best luck next tym bro.
    I think your father and brother both were sponsoring you therefore VO thought that they are very passionate about sending you to USA by any way as all are sharing money and want you to settle over there....might be sort of feeling..
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      What is your undergrad stream . Are you switching to computer science ?
      In which company are you working and what are your job responsibilities that you have mentioned in DS-160
    1. Honestguy's Avatar
      Honestguy -
      Failed to show ties
      Means you have to show strong relation in India,
      Ex:- 1)Father Business (with High Income) or close relation
      2)or you have say i have 70 lakhs of property land or whatever.....
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      deposit money in one account by your name
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      When asked which college? your reply should have been limited to SUNY Buffalo.
      Better to be limited in replying specifically to a question and avoid giving additional info when not asked.
      additional info unnecessarily might prove to backfire considering the interview is approx 2-3 mins.
      Better luck in the next interview.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Sorry to say but First you don't know about the course that's shocking.
      If you are applying for MS in computer science and you don't know about java,?
      Secondly you don't answered confidently any of them so Ofcourse it shows you have second thoughts about your plannings.

      Overcome both reasons will help you ahead.
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