• Visa Interview for SDSU, I would say VISA totally Depend on your LUCK.

    My Student Visa Interview Experience for Masters program in SDSU. I got it on Oct 10th 2014.

    Student Visa totally Depends on Luck

    Visa interview :
    Sorry for uploading my VI after 5 Day's of my Visa Interview.
    Date: 10-10-2014
    Consolate: Hyderabad
    Slot time:9:30

    Entered embassy around 9 and they said to sit in a chair where they said they will call one by one but Some thing went wrong inside the consulate as people who have 8:30,10:00,10:30 slot's are also still sitting with me. where there is no protocol at that time they are sending people as their wish. Done with my checkups Token no: E182 and waiting for my interview, But the thing is VO's was late or some thing happen as people who have 8 o clock are also waiting, on that day people who have come for visiting visa was high and met 3 people over there.i think there were around 100 people waiting for interview at that particular time it, after half an hour my token was displayed Counter 11.He is asking so many question
    VO: Gud morning please pass ur passport.
    ME: Passed
    VO: Which university.
    ME: SDSU
    VO: What Project have u done at the time of your final year.
    ME: Vice tool ( Didnt expected that question but said what i have done in mini project )
    VO: Vice tool is that a project ?? ( Thought Uskak iga intiki poyi bisthar vesukoni padukundham ani )
    ME: Sir actually i have done 2 project where i have done one project in XX and done live Project where its automatic gear system. ( MANAGED )
    VO: OK OK OK
    VO: Tell me about ur project.
    ME: Said.
    VO: Backlogs ?
    ME: 10
    VO: Reason ?
    ME: said
    VO:Whats ur father?
    ME: He is an Govt employee Sir.
    VO: where.
    Me: Central GOVT sir.
    VO: which company.
    VO: IS he and army person.
    ME: NO sir he works in a small company which supply small small parts.
    VO: what Subjects Your Going to take in 1st sem.
    ME: i was tensed at that time and got stammered.
    VO: Y are u tensed man COOL
    Me: said what am going to study.
    VO: what are You going to do after MS
    ME: After my Masters planning to come back and see my self in an Good position.
    VO: UR VISA IS approved u can collect your passport with in 3 days.
    ME: Thank you sir. once again thank you sir.

    See guys dnt expect Your questions. and people say that be Confident at the time interview but no problem how u are they can understand but say what u know and what have u done. Actually VISA totally Depend on your LUCK. thats it.
    thanks for the group.

    --Deepak DG.
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      What if the father is working in army or airforce??any problem with that?
    1. shashank.2992's Avatar
      shashank.2992 -
      heylo deepak ...

      how did u answer the question regarding backlogs can you please help me out....
    1. shashank.2992's Avatar
      shashank.2992 -
      heylo ..
      how did answer the question for backlogs
    1. shashank.2992's Avatar
      shashank.2992 -
      how did you answer the question of backlog
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