• Visa Interview for Rutgers University

    My Visa interview Experience at New Delhi consulate. - Ishita Jain. Profile: GRE 315 TOEFL 114 Acadaics 72% Major MS Microbiology

    Visa Interview for Rutgers University

    Why Rutgers?
    People working in my area of interest, i.e microbio. Best among my admits.
    Where all did you apply?
    I got admits from SUNY Buffalo, UT Arlington. I'm awaiting UFl and Cincinnati. But I've set my heart on Rutgers so I'm not waiting.
    What specific interest in microbes?
    No destructive use, I want to clean up pollutants using native microbes. Something I've already been working on.
    What after MS?
    I want to come back and start cleaning up m country first, I wasnt to join a company doing such work here, like Novozyme and biocon in Bangalore. (which I'm not sure they're doing)
    When did you graduate?
    Just graduated.
    Don't you want to work?
    No I want to complete my education first.
    Rutgers is pretty expensive how do you plan to play for it?
    My father's family business on paper cutting and packaging and he owns a restaurant. So it will be managed for sure.
    Are you the only child. No, what does he do?
    Younger brother, just passed out of 12th, will do college in India.

    Ok I'm approving your Visa.

    Don't be scared if you fumble, I did a LOT. Cover up if you realize you're saying something ambiguous. don't give any details, VO will derive questions from that. TAL is avoidable if you give her enough reason that your area of interest is beneficial and not doubtful. Speak in complete lay man general language, speak confidently moving your hands or whatever. Don'd do anything extra, additionally, be very natural and normal. Don't carry anything extra, it gets irritating to handle, don't reach too early.
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      Buckshot -
      Excellent thanks for sharing,any VO can refuse your Visa.Congratulations
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