• Visa Interview at Mumbai Consulate for Industrial Engineering

    Here is the Visa Interview experience of a student attending for MS in Industrial Engineering for Fall 2015.

    Visa Approved for Industrial Engineering Program

    Mumbai consulate 18th June 2015.

    After 3 hrs of wait entered the interview area due issue with the system.

    I ws called by the VI.
    Me. Good morning
    Vo. good morning pass me ur passport.
    Me. passed and i hd kept i20 and sevis ready out. He looked at those and said i need those docs as well.
    Vo. so u are going to UTA. Y industrial Engieering?
    Me. as i have 4 yrs of exp in the field and BE is in production engg which is inlined with the interest.
    VO. (Looking at screen) what is portescap (thats my company name).
    Me. Explained how i gt selected in 2011 for this company and y company hs sent me to US for 6 months.
    VO. Interrupting me ok ur visa is approved collect ur passport whenever u get notified.
    Me. Thank you have a good day.

    All the best guys.

    --Amey Tonape
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hey am from electronics and communication background and going to do ms in engineering management so can u plz tell me wat to answer for vo for the change in stream
    1. akhtar.md's Avatar
      akhtar.md -
      i want to my masters in oil and gas technology please suggest universities
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