• Visa Interview for Fairfield University

    Here is my visa interview exprience for Fairfield University. Don’t get annoyed by seeing this long post but at end you will like my experience.
    A Small Story about My visa experience for Fairfield University

    Profile: 280/6.5/65%/2.6 Yrs of Exp
    Slot :8:00am Consulate: Hyderabad Date: 17 July,2014
    Counter 11, Token E- 139

    Me & my dad left from Bangalore and reached Hyderabad on 16th july morning. I completed my OFC on same day at 3 pm. I had prepared some 30 most repeated different types of visa interview questions by reading others Visa experience but never studied completely but only question I prepared was “Why this University?”. I was able to answer this question even while sleeping without missing single word. That many times I have practiced in front of mirror. After OFC, I came to our room and slept for 2hrs and at night started reading all types of prepared questions and answers in front of mirror with smiling face. Later I couldn’t sleep bcz I was thinking when to book another slot if my VISA get rejected, some sort of calculations in mind like when to take leave from office after Visa rejection. I had taken Tue, Wed, Thu 3days leave. Also I was thinking, if something goes wrong let’s go to Canada, why only US bcz I have already applied to 4 Canada universities too for January 2015 intake.

    Next day morning got up at 4am and revised same questions and we were out of room at 6am and reached US Consulate at 6.30pm. Bit of cold, street dogs and some beggars near Consulate office. If I think of interview, I felt I am forgetting key answer points. So I took out same paper & I was just looking into to it. By that time, One Muslim mid age men was roaming here and there and he was holding small pot in left hand and a bunch of peacock feathers in right hand. He was keeping peacock feathers on students head and collecting some nice money (10’s 50’s) from all of them. As soon as I noticed him, I just left that place and went towards OFC building bcz I don’t want him to keep that feather on my head. After few minutes my dad called me bcz suddenly there was a big queue. I saw all students face at a time, I was shocked to see there tension faces. Went inside and I got token E-139. By looking at that number I decided myself my Visa will be rejected today bcz I don’t like “Number-13”. I hate that number 13, as we all know its unlucky number. My token num starts from 13, if I add 1+3+9 = 13. Also morning when I stepped out my room, the car parked in front of lodge was also 13. Again so many calculations were running in my mind. In fact at Consulate, the first counter opened was 13 and they started calling E-101,102,103…. To go to counter 13. I felt let’s face it, but inside I was praying “God” pls open other counters soon but don’t send me to Counter 13 & 16. All of a sudden 11,12,13,14,16 all counters started. E-137,138 went to 16th counter & I got counter 11 which is E-139. At that moment only somehow I felt I’ll get my VISA today.

    I went inside & was standing in 3rd place. The guy in front of VO, was standing like soldier as if he is in battle field. I was looking at VO, she was asking to that guy, you’ve come 3rd time in this month. What changes you’ve done. He shouted “I don’t do any change”, last time I was nervous & this time I am more confident. VO said: Cool, you won’t do any changes, I can’t go against my colleague & they were right and gave his passport back. Guy again shouted and was arguing then VO said, if you speak single word you’ll never enter into USA. He was saying mam, mam but VO was saying don’t, don’t… I said don’t speak.

    Next 2nd guy in front of me, he went & he just took same Soldier position by keeping his file on self. VO said you’ve came here on june 3rd, june 23rd and today. She typed something and returned his passport. But he didn’t even open his mouth and he left. After seeing those two guys, Suddenly I made some calculations, I shouldn’t stand like them, I have to hold my file in hand etc etc… but to be honest guys believe it or not, my heart beat was normal bcz ppl use to say my heartbeat was fast, adrenaline rush hpnd in my body…etc

    Then she cal’d me. Here we go… She was around 40+, by looking at that lady I felt instead of sitting in 16th counter she might be sitting in counter 11 as she may be late to office today.

    Visa Interview for Fairfield University

    Me: Good Mam
    VO: Good mrng, pls pass me ur i20 & passport
    Me: passed the both
    VO: Which year Passed Out?
    Me: 2011.
    VO: What were you doing since then?
    Me: I have been working for the past 2.5 years as Software Engineer and I always wanted to do research in my area of interest and I think this is the best time to pursue my goals as I have the valuable industry experience and good academic background to support me as well. (bit of a smile in her face & said hmmm)
    VO: Do have any B1, B2, H1/H2?
    Me: I am fresh applicant and first time for Visa.
    VO: What your academics?
    Me: Actually Its good mam, 65%
    VO: It’s really not that much good… huh
    VO: Ok, How many university you’ve applied?
    Me: Said
    VO: GRE
    Me: 280 (all of a sudden one guy came & tried to give his I20 & Passport but VO scolded him and asked to stand in queue)
    VO: GRE
    Me: 280 ( I started explain, mam as I’m used to work for….Interrupted and said don’t talk)
    Typed for 30seconds and kept my passport in left side tray & waved for next guy. Even though I know my VISA approved,

    simply I asked mam what hpnd? She said your Visa is approved, that’s why I kept your passport bye bye.
    As soon as I came out everyone was looking at me, I felt like I’m in Derby Race (Race Gurram), but controlled my emotions and walked like Cat. All Parents were standing near Police fence, but my father was sitting under bus shelter and he waved his hand, I went near my dad slowly & he asked its done, I said yes. Next word he said come let’s go to Railway Station, we’ve train at 2pm Kacheguda-Yeshwanthpur Express. I said dad, I only booked the train & I know that, but ask me whether my Visa is approved or not bcz so many are students trying are trying for one acceptance, one chance, one Visa. Then he replied you only yes right, it means approved.

    Next what I did, one more very small story. I asked to my dad we’ll go to Chilkur Balaji temple, bcz I have to do 108 rounds, he asked why & Whr it is? I explained everything. Last month June 27th I visited to that temple alone. Time was already 9:15am & we’ve train at 2pm. Took a bus to mehdipatnam & went to chilkur. It was 10.20am I said to my dad, you go & have breakfast with all luggage, including my documents bag, I’ll return by 10.40am. I went inside temple, there was massive rush… I completed only 10rounds and time was 11pm. I came out of temple & said my dad, please you go wait in railway station, temple is full rush, if possible I’ll come or else I’ll catch bus to Bangalore, at least you go in train. My dad said, even if u come at 3pm I’ll wait here, you go & complete. (Father Sentiment) He said, If we miss train, let’s go in bus. I ran back to temple & decided to complete one round in one minute, so remaining 98rounds can be completed by before 1pm. But my mind was thinking of train & just prayed to God, still you want test our patience. As said completed 108 rounds by 12.50pm & started running towards bus. We took a bus at 1pm and reached mehdipatnam by 12.35pm. I said to father, we won’t get train. He said let’s try… We asked for a auto to Kacheguda railway station, he said 70Rs bhai, I asked how far it is… Auto driver said it’s almost 6-7km and in this traffic we can’t reach by 2pm. I requested auto guy, if road is free go fast, if u reach by 2pm, I’ll pay you Rs100.By hearing this, I guess there was an adrenaline rush in his body… He more gave escalator and made full noise on road and he dropped us by 1.56pm. I gave Rs 100 as I promised & started running towards platform no2, I knew exactly about this train bcz I visited Hyderabad 15days back. I couldn’t walk bcz full legs pain. Train started making this noise chugachuga chuga chuga choo choo…. We stepped inside train at 1.59pm… Train started moving at 2pm. I took cold water and drank whole bottle. Full hungry, headache…. From morning we were running running running…
    Came to Bangalore today morning at 3.30am and reached home at 5.30am. So after 3days leave I was not in a mood to go to office but came to office at 1.30pm. My shift is from 1pm to 10pm. Spoke to my project manager today (18/07/2014) about quitting job, higher education blah blah and asked him to release me by August 8th 2014. I sent “Notice of Resignation”. One meeting with Manager & one with Team Lead. They are ready to release as I requested and I lied I am travelling by 2nd week of August Happy Ending like in a Movie.

    --Suriya suri.
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      Super hero
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      How come you remember the exact minutes on the clock ?
      But the only question you prepared was “Why this University?” was not asked ...Lol..!!
      Good luck..All the best..!!
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      Good support from your father..
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      All the best
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      What is wrong with you?
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