• Visa Interview Experience for Phd In mechanical engineering

    Fall 2017 Visa Interview Experience of Humasha Amin for Phd in Mechanical Engineering program.

    Slot: 8 am (interview started at 9:30 am)
    Counter: 07
    rejected (1st attempt)
    interview date: 28 june
    Background: BSc in Aeronautical Engineering. Gre Score: 310 (Q:160, V:150, AWA:3)
    Intended University: University of North Carolina, Charlotte
    Intended Program: Phd In mechanical engineering
    Funding; out of state tuition waved+ GTA+ Health Insurance
    Deficit: 4000USD
    Duration of Interview: 3-4mins.
    Me: Hello mam. How are you.
    vo: (she seemed to be very pissed off and didnít reply) pass me your I20 and passport.
    Me: yes sure and slid my passport and I20.
    vo; why this university
    me: Well UNCC itís a well-ranked university and has highly equipped laboratories but mainly because of my professor ( i was interrupted. She asked me what my professor name was and told me while talking pass me you undergrad certificates and gre score. While taking my documents out of the folder, I didnít know what happened to me just forgot to talk. Even I didnít finish my answer. After receiving my documents officer moved onto another ques.)
    vo: what is your undergrad school
    me: told her (itís a military institute )
    vo: she was scrutinizing my documents with another officer who came to my counter and was there for the rest of the interview.(I appeared for gre three times and all of the scores were there maybe that created a negative impression as well.) Then she said, have u said its agriculture?
    me; (I was like where the hell agriculture came from. My undergrad major was aeronautical engineering and I thought she might have misread it) No mam its aeronautical engineering.
    vo: Again discussing with other officer and after a while she asked me what is the medium of my high school. Is it Bengali?
    me: I was confused and answered Bengali. (Later realized that she was actually referring to my undergrad. It didnít come to my mind to show my ielts score which is 7.)
    vo: mam how are u going to pay for deficit?
    me: my brother will be sponsoring me for that.
    vo: whatís ur brother do?
    me: he works as an officer in a private bank.
    vo: how much is his monthly income?
    me: (here I messed up again I elaborated this answer more than required.) My brother is in another country working under foreign exchange department of his bank. So he got two wages and accumulating them his monthly income is around 1 lakh.
    vo: After having some discussion with other vo, she turned on the mick and told me that sorry u didnít fulfill the criteria of getting visa and handed over my documents with 214b slip.
    Now Iím going for 2nd attempt and I seek ur expert suggestions on
    - how I should approach 2nd time
    - should I bring undergradís medium topic in the middle of the interview without being asked as Iím going there with my medium of instruction.
    - is there any change required
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