• Visa Interview for Electrical Engineering at Bradly University

    F1 Visa Interview for Bradly University for MS in Electrical Engineering major.

    Visa Interview for Electrical Engineering at Bradly University

    Consulate : Hyderabad,
    Time Slot : 08.00 AM,
    Status : Approved,
    University : Bradley University,Illinois.,
    Major : EE
    Profile : 294(GRE)-81(Toefl)-77%(No backlogs) in ECE-JNTUK-2014.

    Waited for this day for many long years ..Took millions of suggestions from seniors and friends and many more.....
    I was well prepared and made myself ready to face it....

    Waked up early in the morning and prepared one last tym in front of mirror and went to face it.

    Security checks were done and given a token number.
    I was tensed but trying to make myself laugh and stubborn....

    In front of me ...Interview was going to somebody ...Some answers were heard but i felt in my heart that ..I have my own and there is no need to panic.

    At last ..My token num was called ....

    Vo:Asked me to come frwrd with the hand gesture .......
    Me : Good morning sir.(With a huge smile on my face )
    Vo : Good morning . Pass me your Passport .
    Me : Yeah ..Sure Sir,(passed it )
    Vo:Your I20 please.
    Me:Passed it.
    VO : So ..U are heading to Bradley University?
    Me:Yes sir.Bradley University
    Vo:Y bradley University??
    Me : The course curriculum provided here was very close to my area of interest and It was providing great research work opportunities to the students .Prof Xx and Prof Xx are very good at Solid state devices and Field programmable gate arrays .Learning under such personalities will enhance my career opportunities.
    Vo:What are subjects you are going to take in your masters?
    Me:Advanced topics in EE,
    Matlab Course .
    Digital signal Processing .
    Vo : What all the universities u applied and how many admits?
    Me : I applied to 3 more univ and got approved from all of them. UMKC,UTT,Suny New Paltz
    Vo: Who is Sponsoring U??
    Me:My father.
    Vo:Ok....Raised his Eyebrows and said
    """" Your VISA is Approved""""".
    Me : Thank you sir.
    ****" It was all over .... Fear,Tension,Dreaming to fly ,***
    "" It's Party Tym "
    Thnq for all your love and support ...It was all because u ppl ..U had cleared my doubts and made me strong to reach the destination....
    So happy

    -- Sruthi Myneni
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    1. Abul Hasan Emu's Avatar
      Abul Hasan Emu -
      Congratulation Sruthi.
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