• Visa Chances if Brother, Sister or Relatives living in USA

    I am going to attend F1 Visa Interview for Fall semester. While filling DS – 160 I came across a question – Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents in United States? I have my brother and sister living in USA. My Sister got married and my brother is doing MS in US. Do I really need to mention about my brother and sister in the DS 160 form. I heard if I mention them, visa officer will reject my student visa. Will it cause any problem in the visa interview if I mention them?

    You MUST mention about your relatives, siblings living in USA on the DS 160. I will ask for their Name, Relationship and Contact details. Misrepresentation of the Information on DS 160 may cause permanent denial of entry or visa into United States.

    Visa officer can easily find your siblings living in USA by matching you father and mother names. So, Don’t lie on the Question in DS-160 about relatives, Siblings.

    Coming to Visa chances by having a bother/sister living in USA, I could say visa officer will never reject your visa just because of having siblings in USA. There are many people who got their F1 Visa having their brother or sister living in USA.
    Key point in getting visa is – you need to show strong ties in India to come back after you course of study.
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    1. nishantam's Avatar
      nishantam -
      thnx. i too have similar problem. thnx for input
    1. sardar's Avatar
      sardar -
      i have graduated in the field of electronics and communication engineering in the year of 2013.could u please suggest which field can i choose for ms in us ?
    1. Vivek0112's Avatar
      Vivek0112 -
      I m having ma cousin who is living in US and also well settled.he also holds a green card and nw he is ready to sponsor the funding for my masters.what am i supposed to do if it is like that.I m hvng gre on dec 5,thanx in advance.
    1. Unreg's Avatar
      Unreg -
      If I get admit to the university at the place my brother is working , will I get Visa reject ?
    1. Mihir patel's Avatar
      Mihir patel -
      My parents and a sister are presently residing in USA,so there are chances for rejection for F1 visa
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I have my brother who is working as sofware engineer in infosys on h1b visa which is valid upto december 2017 and earns around 84000 dollars.

      He is willing to fund my MS course. Can i get a visa with his funding.
    1. rinku04's Avatar
      rinku04 -
      My parents are residing in USA , and they already kept my file on their green card, is it so that i have less chances for f-1 visa approval??
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I have my parents living in USA ,they went on b1b2 visa and transfered to student f1 visa , now my dad is working on opt. Recently I attended visa interview I mentioned my parents are USA. And vo rejected my visa, so what is the way to come out of it . ?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I have a brother who applied fr f1 visa fr fall this year and I m trying to apply fr spring ..he is my own brother..can it be possible to apply fr a visa in the same year just different intakes ..will there be a problem if one gets an approval and the other might get rejected because of the siblings clause ?
    1. pa.fi's Avatar
      pa.fi -
      hello i have a question : im from iran mu parents have won lottery 2015 (i was in my father case but due to some reason at the embassy (their systems block me out due to my age) they rejected me but my parents got their visas and green card (and create a case for me and my brother to migrate)) now i am applying for master program in usa should i tell the truth that i have a plan to stay after finishing my education if my visa was ready or i should insist on that i would leave the country thanks for your time.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I completed my b. Tech in mechanical in 2014 Present Doing job i want to do M. S In computer science is it possible to get visa Thk in advance
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      How to show strong ties to your country? My both parents are green card holders and my sis is US citizen. Are there any chances that i get a student visa?
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