• F1 Visa Approved for Texas Tech University: Just in 30-45 seconds

    F1 Visa Approved for Texas Tech University Interview just took 30-45 seconds in Hyderabad US Consulate. - Karthikeya Challa

    F1 Visa Interview for Texas Tech University

    Visa approved
    Consulate: Hyderabad
    University: Texas Tech University(TTU)
    Date: 6th June, 2013
    Slot: 10 am
    Counter: 13

    My visa experience:
    Me: Hello madam, good morning.
    VO: Good morning, how r u? (with a smile on face)
    Me: Iam good, how r u?
    VO: I am good too, pls pass me the passport.
    Me: Gave
    VO: Which school?
    Me: TTU
    VO: Y did u choose this school?
    Me: Told about the univ and specialisation m gonna take.
    VO: What will u do after passing out with that specialisation?
    Me: Told
    VO: How many bklogs?
    Me: None
    VO: Where is the univ located?
    Me: told
    VO: What other admits do u have?
    Me: Only TTU.
    VO: (With perplexity) What all did u apply?
    Me: Told
    VO: Thats ok, ur visa is approved.(with a bigg smile )

    Took the finger prints and said bye with a smile.
    Total interview lasted for 30 to 45 seconds. Questions rained one after the other. she took some time for entering the data.

    All who r going to attend the interview, be frank and truthful. Dont fake, a guy in front of me did that and he got rejected. All the best
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    1. vibhsbmw's Avatar
      vibhsbmw -
      Hey Congrats.

      Wat was ur GRE , TOEFEL, academic score ?
    1. arunraj13's Avatar
      arunraj13 -
      Hearty congrats Bro :-)
    1. Bhavik's Avatar
      Bhavik -
      Have u apply with ur spouse ? I mean r u married?
      I am planing to apply together , its that ok?
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