• Visa approved for National University. GRE 284, IELTS 6.0

    Visa Approved for National University for Master of Science in Computer Science major.
    Token Num: N392
    Counter # 18
    Consulate: Chennai
    Date: July-3-2013
    Profile: GRE 284. IELTS 6.0
    Undergraduation: B.tech in ECE
    University: National University, Program - MS in CS

    My Visa Experience

    ME:Gud mng mam,how r u?
    VO:fine,thank u
    VO: pass me ur passport
    ME: passed
    VO: pass me ur i20,gre,ielts,pc
    ME: passed
    VO:are u going to national univ
    VO;When did you finished Undergrad?
    VO: What are you doing in past 1 year?
    ME:Meanwhile I prepared for IELTS and GRE tests. And attended some of the courses related my masters.
    VO:why ur gre is low?
    ME:i prepared very well but that day was not mine
    VO:After masters, what are you planning to do?
    ME:i would like to come back to India and establish a new business.
    VO:what type of business
    ME:design and develop data base systems.
    VO:u want to establish a business
    ME:yes mam,with my uncle help
    VO:what is ur uncle
    ME:he is a business man
    VO:what type of Business.
    ME:chip manufacturing
    VO:Oh!!...how many employees working
    ME:app. 200 mam
    VO:kk.. typing something
    VO:iam giving you the opportunity to do ur ms
    ME: thank u mam. Advanced Independence day wishes.

    I Hope my visa interview will help you. If anyone is heading National University please contact me on FB.
    Thank you MSinUS and members for the continuous guidance especially Ajay Cherukuri for Support.
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