• Visa Approved for MS in Data Science for Texas Tech

    VISA APPROVED! Firstly thanks alot to the people who all guided me in the process. Here goes my experience:

    Visa Experience for MS in Data Science

    Univ: Texas tech University
    Program: MS in Data Science
    Consulate: Chennai
    Date: 08-May-2017
    Time: 8 AM
    Counter: 19 (*lucky num )

    Reached consulate by 7:30 Am. There was a long queue already. Was let in by 7:50 Am. Waited fr another 10 mins.
    Then Biometrics..then 10 more mins and I am before the VO. He is a guy around 30.

    Me: Good mrng officer. How are you?
    VO: Good mrng. Pass ur passport and I20
    Which program are you going for?
    Me: Texas tech university MS in Data Science
    VO: So u got scholarship..that's great!
    He Typed something fr 30 seconds...i am a bit nervous here
    VO: How are you gonna pay?
    Me: I have taken 20Lakhs loan.
    VO: Again looking at I20
    Me: Taking out the loan letter...
    VO: I dont want see all those. I am approving ur visa
    Me: (couldn't hear him properly)
    What did u say?
    VO: I am approving ur visa. Study well
    And that was simple! I didn't expect it would be that easy.o
    Ran out of the consulate to share the good news with my Mom who is waiting outside.
    1. The OFC/Biometrics Environment is similar to that of Consulate Env. So observe it carefully during OFC
    2. Go early..i saw people with 10:30 slot in my line(atleast in Chennai)
    3. Visa Officers are very cool people as far as I observed. Just be Clear in whatever u speak.
    All the best for your interviews👍

    -- Chandu Yerragopu
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