• visa accepted at hyd counslate for university of hartford on july18th 2013

    I am ananthalakshmi
    completed my b-tech with EEE
    visa accepted at hyd counslate for 2nd time
    first time for spring 2013 at chennai was a reject for me

    my visa interview

    me: good morning mam
    vo: good morning, pass ur passport,i-20 and sevis
    me sure mam(gave them)
    VO: why this university
    me: this university gives me additional certificate courses and also some professors were in research of same field i was intrested
    VO: wat was it
    me: virtual grid, which means connecting conventional power sources at one point
    VO:how may applied
    me:3, got 2 admits
    Vo: percentage
    me: 68
    me: unfortunately i have 6backlogs, but have reasons for them (intrupted)
    VO: i don't care abt them

    ur visa approved
    have a nice day

    me: with a broad smile
    thank q soo much mam
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    1. G.Naveen's Avatar
      G.Naveen -
      i had 13 backlogs is it problem 4 visa
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