• Visa Accepted on 4th Attempt for MS in MIS

    Visa Accepted on 4th attempt MS in Management Information Systems for Texas Tech University. -- Pranith

    Visa Interview 1

    Date : 29th May 2012 Time : 8am
    Consulate : Hyderabad
    Counter no : 11

    Visa Officer is a fair guy. Looks like the tennis ace Andy Murray .

    VO : What is the purpose of your travel?
    ME : To pursue Masters.

    VO : Why Northwest Missouri?
    ME : I like the course curriculum at NW interesting sir.

    VO : Why US?
    ME : Sir, US is advanced in the field of Computer Science and hence I chose US as my destination.

    VO : Admits ?
    ME : 2

    VO : When did you complete your undergraduate study ?
    ME : 2012 sir.

    VO : What is your Academic score?
    ME : 67% Sir

    VO : Any Backlogs ?
    ME : I had 2 backlogs in my 1st yr sir. However I completed them in the very next attempt.

    VO : Who is sponsoring you?
    ME : My father is funding for my studies (Interrupted by VO)

    VO : Whats his income?
    ME : XX.XX Lakhs sir.

    VO: Do you know any1 from your university?
    ME : Yes Sir, I know a few seniors.

    VO : ( Gave a paper to me and marked X on it and said ) This explains why you are rejected.
    ME : Shocked .. Sir can I get 1 more minute.

    VO : Yes go ahead ( grabs a cup of coffee and sits )
    ME : Sir, my only dream is to pursue my masters. I have worked really hard for it. ( shivering tone )

    VO : I am not convinced this time. You may apply anytime again if you want .
    MR : Thank you sir. Have a nice day

    Visa Interview 2

    Date : 20th Jun 2012 Time : 9am
    Consulate : Hyderabad
    Counter no : 9

    Again same Visa Officer Andy Murray .

    He said he cant take my interview again and sent me to another guy.

    VO : Why do you think you were rejected earlier?
    ME : Sir, I wasn't confident enough in my 1st interview. I did not convey my intentions properly sir.

    VO : Do you think that is the only reason?
    ME : Yes sir, most probably.

    VO : What did you change in your profile?
    ME : Its been just 20 days after I was rejected sir. I did not change anything.

    VO : I think I do not have anything strong to go against the 1st visa officer, I can't issue you a visa.
    ME : Smiling . May I know the exact reason sir ?

    VO : This papers explains why you were rejected.
    ME : Sir, can I get a verbal explanation?

    VO : I don't think you qualify for a student visa.
    ME : Do you have any suggestions for me sir?

    VO : Go and get some work experience.
    ME : Sure Sir, Thank you. Have a nice day.

    Visa Interview 3

    Date : 6th Nov 2012 Time : 9am
    Consulate : Chennai
    Counter no : 12

    VO was an old lady in her 50s.

    VO : Why MS ?
    ME : Same answer as earlier

    VO : Where are you heading?
    ME : Northwest Missouri

    VO: When did you passout?
    ME : 2012

    VO : What have you been doing since then?
    ME : I've done an internship at XXX company for 3 months.

    VO : Which Project did you work on?
    ME : Heat Map Analytics

    VO : How will you fund your education?
    ME : I have savings of XX Lakhs and a bank loan of XX Lakhs

    VO : Sorry I cant issue you a visa this time. However you may apply anytime again if you wish to.
    ME : ok Thank you.mam Have a nice day.

    Visa Interview 4

    Date : 7th Oct 2013 Time : 8.30am
    Consulate : Hyderabad
    GRE -308, TOEFL -104
    Counter no : 15

    This VO will not leave me .. its Andy Murray again.

    VO : So you are the 2nd person going to Texas Tech today. Huh ?
    ME : Yea Sir.

    VO : So do you know the girl before you?
    ME : Yes sir. I know her.

    VO : So why US?
    ME : Sir the course MIS isn't offered in India. It is offered by few good universities in US sir. Hence I am considering US as my destination.

    VO : Why MS?
    ME : After having 1 year of work experience I now know the loop-holes in my technical knowledge. With the help of Masters I want to pluck these loop-holes sir.

    VO : What all universities did you apply?
    ME : I applied for 4 universities sir. Texas Tech, Louisiana State, Oklahoma State, Northern Illinois.

    VO : How many admits?
    ME: 2 sir. Texas Tech & Northern Illinois.

    VO: Why TTU?
    ME : TTU has a very good course curriculum for MIS. I also got good feedback from my seniors who attended TTU sir.

    VO: Why only MIS . Why not CS?
    ME : Sir I want to have an in-depth knowledge on databases and also get some exposure on management of IT.

    ** ( I thought it was slipping away again )**

    VO : Whats your UG%
    ME : I've got 67% sir.

    VO : Backlogs?
    ME : 2 sir. I completed them in the very next attempt. (shivering voice)

    VO: Whats your GRE?
    ME: I scored 308 in my GRE sir. ( with confidence )

    VO : Do you have any siblings?
    ME : I have an elder brother

    VO : What is he doing?
    ME : He is pursuing his masters in Germany sir.

    VO: Which university?
    ME: University of Darmstadt Sir.

    VO: What is his major?
    ME: MIS sir.

    VO: So both are doing MIS?
    ME: No sir. He is into Automation Engineering.

    VO : Oh thats so cool. My friend is into Automation Engineering.
    ME: Smiled

    VO : What are his plans?
    ME: He will be completing his masters in another 2-3 months sir. After that he might be working for 1-2 years and than start his own company.

    VO: What kind of a company and where?
    ME: Sir, I have no clear idea about it. But I just know that he is interested in starting his own firm.

    VO : When did you passout?
    ME: 2012 sir.

    VO: What have you been doing since then?
    ME: Sir, I worked for the past 1 yr.

    VO : Can I see your work documents?
    ME: Here are my payslips and my visiting card sir. ( was about to give the appointment letter but he stopped me ).

    VO: What is your dream profession?
    ME: From my childhood I had the dream of becoming a Professor sir.

    VO: Place your Left hand 4 fingers ... You may take your documents ,.. ( he then turned around and put my passport in a basket and did not turn back ).
    ME : I kept my payslips in my folder and was waiting for his to turn back.

    VO : Turned back and said - You can leave now . Your visa is approved.
    ME: Thank you so much sir. You made my day ..... ( jumped and punched the air while cmg back and people smiled at me ).

    Suggestions for Visa Interview

    1. Do not loose your hope
    2. Change the university. Do not stick to a university
    3. VOs generally ask common questions and suddenly ask a tricky question and at that time they watch for a change in your facial expression. ( happened to me 2 times ).
    4. Give practical answers instead of pretending. They know everything about us.
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    1. 0909swetha's Avatar
      0909swetha -
      Congrats at last you made it....
    1. Unregister's Avatar
      Unregister -
      Bravo finally u made it.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hey are payslips and appointment letters sufficient proof of work experience in a visa interview or is a letter of recommendation/relieving letter mandatory?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      such a inspiration u r cool !
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Oh well at last u got Ur visa
    1. TinaSule's Avatar
      TinaSule -
      Oh my God you're such an inspiration my visa was rejected twice with the same university. reading your story gave so much hope. I intend to try again with a different university.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Oh my God you're such an inspiration. My visa was rejected twice with the same university. Reading your story gave me so much hope, I intend to try again with a different university.
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