• USCIS will suspend H1B Premium processing for 6 months

    USCIS announced today that H1B premium processing will be suspended starting Apr 3rd 2017 for 6 months.

    No one can file H1B on April 1st or 2nd It's weekend. So, We can understand that the suspending of the premium processing is effective from Apr 1st 2017.

    Who will be affected by Cancelling H1B Premium processing?

    FY 2018 petitioners that are going to file H1B for this April 1st.
    H1B Amendment Petitions
    H1B Extension Petitions
    Non-profit H1B filings.
    Those who want to travel India, but their H1B petition is pending.

    Will this affect H1B approval chances?

    No. Suspension of premium processing will not affect the approval chances of your H1B application except all applications will be processed under regular processing.

    When will USCIS resume premium processing?

    USCIS said the suspension can be in place for 6 months which is September 2017.

    USCIS stopped premium processing in the year 2015 due to large volume of H1B Petitions and limited staff availability. But It resumed the processing after 2 months.

    Though USCIS mentioned that it would be for 6 months, it may resume accepting premium processing petition at any time during the 6 month window.

    How does it impact OPT and CPT students on F1 Visa?

    Current CPT students looking for H1B visa this April 1st need to maintain the status until October 1st or until your H1B petition gets approved.

    Cap-Gap period kicks in for OPT students, so there will be no impact to you. Just wait on your approval.

    Can i travel while first ever H1B petition is pending?

    If you travel outside of USA, you can't come back to USA until your H1b is approved and stamped at Embassy.

    Why USCIS stopped the premium processing?

    USCIS undergoing severe delays in H1B case adjudication. Currently California service center is looking at H1B Petitions filed in July 2017. Also, they are several H1B extension cases which are exceeding 240 day period. USCIS want to complete the pending cased before they accept any new work in premium processing.

    What will happen to existing premium processing applications?

    USCIS will complete any current or premium processing requests. But, if you file around end of march USCIS may not be able to complete the adjudication of the petition by Apr 3rd during the 15 day clock period. In such cases USCIS will refund the money and the premium application will be converted to Regular processing.

    Here is more this: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/us...h-1b-petitions
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