• US Universities that are not eligible for OPT after ASCIS loss of Accreditation by US Dept of Education

    Recently US Department of Education announced that itis no longer recognizing the -'ACICS' the agency which accredits some of the small US universities.

    International students attending schools that are being recognized by ACICS will not be allowed to get OPT (Optional practical training) and will not get H1B in Masters degree quota.

    US Department of Education says-
    This decision affects more than 16,000 international students in the United States attending nearly 130 Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified schools and programs that are accredited by ACICS.

    If you are a current or prospective student of these schools, it's better to move to a properly accredited university. Here is how to find a accredited school: http://www.msinus.com/content/accred...ities-usa-671/

    Here are few schools that are under ACICS that US Department of Educatuon is not recognizing.

    1 Northwestern Polytechnic University
    2 iGlobal University
    3 Schiller International University
    4 Stratford University
    5 Virginia International University
    6 Everest University
    7 Coleman University
    8 Colorado Heights University

    Find the Complete list of Schools under ACICS


    Here is the announcement of Dept of Education https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/201...ional-students
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