• US Universities with Low Tuition Fees for International Students

    US Universities charge Tuition/fee differently for State Residents (In-State) and Out-of-state students. International student fall under Out-of-State category.The tuition International Students pay will be twice or thrice of what In-state student pays.

    Average tuition/fee for International students is at 22,000 USD/year. Following are the some US Universities that have low tuition fee for International students. If you don't have much funds available to pay, these accredited schools can be your choice.

    US Universities with Low tuition, fee for International Students

    Graduate Schools with low tuition/fee are listed here.

    University Tuition/Fee per year
    1 South Dakota State University 11000
    2 West Texas A&M University 10395.45
    3 South Dakota School of Mines 14,560
    4 Southwest Minnesota State University 9000
    5 University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley 12,000
    6 University of Central Arkansas 10000
    7 University of Central Oklahoma 12,000
    8 Eastern New Mexico State University 10000
    9 San Diego state University 13000
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