• US Universities with Fall Semester Deadlines in April

    US universities with Fall semester admission deadlines ending in April. Fall 2014 studenst still have time to apply to these schools. Most of these deadlines apply to Fall 2015 too.

    Fall Semester deadlines on April 1 st

    San Diego State University (SDSU)
    Houston University, clearlake
    Idaho State University
    University of Arkansas, Little Rock
    California State University, Fresno
    Oregon State University, Corvallis
    University of Houston, University Park
    University of Michigan, Dearborn
    University of Texas, San Antonio
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
    West Virginia University, Morgantown
    Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
    Wichita State University
    University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
    University of Houston, Clear Lake
    University of Oklahoma, Norman
    University of Memphis
    Villanova University

    Deadlines on April 15th

    California State University, Los Angeles
    Lamar University
    Old Dominion University, Norfolk
    South Dakota State University, Brookings
    University of Georgia
    University of Iowa, Iowa City
    Clemson University
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi.. can someone tell me which universities out of the one's mentioned above accept 15 years of education? I have TOEFL - 83, GRE - 289. I do not have much time to apply for colleges.
    1. pkbanda's Avatar
      pkbanda -
      How about deadline of
      University of Central Missouri
      Easter Illinois
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