• US Government Shutdown:Affect on US Universities, Consulates, USCIS Processing, H1B Visas

    US Government is Shutdown effective oct 1st 2013 which means US govt doesn't have enough money for the maintenance of the govt's offices, parks, paying some employees etc. You might be interested in knowing things like - what will happen to US consulates now? Do they still process F1 visas and H1B Visa processing?. What will happen to pending H1B and Greencard applications with USCIS?. I will answer these questions after letting you know about US govt Shutdown.

    Affect of US Govt Shutdown on General life

    With US Federal government now shut down, many government services and agencies are closed, suspended or otherwise impacted.

    The latest shutdown was not the first for the government. The last time it happened, 18 years ago during the Clinton administration, the stalemate lasted 21 days.

    Up to 800,000 federal workers faced the prospect of life without a paycheck as Day One of the government shutdown kicked in, while Democrats and Republicans persisted in talking past at each other without actually talking to each other in order to end the nation's latest fiscal crisis.

    Affect on US Universities

    The government shutdown's effect on education funding could immediately hurt some college programs, and the impact on higher education and public schools would worsen with time, officials said Tuesday.

    Over 14 million students receive student aid, in the form of grants and loans, at over 6,600 schools through Pell Grants and Direct Student Loans, and if a shutdown is prolonged, the payment of this money could be delayed because there wonít be enough people to process the payments.

    What will happen to US Consulates across world

    US Consulates in the word including Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkatha runs on visa application fee from students, visitors etc. They run the consulates money earned from you. So, they will not be affected by US Govt shutdown. Embassys don't expect any funds from US govt. So Students attending for F1 Visa Interview doesn't need to worry on this.

    H1B Visas and Greencard applications

    H1B visas and Greencard applicaitons, CPT/OPT applications will not be affected as they are funded by the application fees from employers, students. So you don't see any delay in the processing of these applications.

    When the Govt Shutdown end?

    It may last for a day, two or week or months until further notice by govt. Republicans and Democarts should vote the spending plan and get the approved though Senate, House and it should pass through both.

    A federal government shutdown would cost the U.S. at least $300 million a day in lost economic output at the start, according to IHS Inc. (IHS) Thatís a fraction of the countryís $15.7 trillion economy, and the effects probably will grow over time as consumers and businesses defer purchases and expansion plans.
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