• Unpaid Internship on OPT? You have chances of OPT Extension Denial

    Recently some students reported OPT denials by USCIS for not getting paid on OPT status. This proves Unpaid internships on OPT period on F1 visa will put students in trouble. USCIS rejecting OPT extensions against SEVIS rules.

    Unpaid Internships and Issues with OPT extension denial

    According to law Masters students have to get job with in 90 days of finishing of their degree. Actually it is tough to get a job in 90 days. Many students join IT consultancies in USA and get offer letter as Unpaid internship. It will take upto 6 months to get a job and get paid by employer, which means employees are on bench period for some time after starting OPT.

    Unpaid internship is legal according to SEVIS/SEVP rules. USCIS followed this for many years and approved OPT extension applications. But recently Nebraska Service Center (NSC) started denying OPT extension applications with the reason of "Unemployment on OPT" for students who didn't get paid in OPT period.

    Action after OPT extension denial

    You can file "Motion to Reopen" challenging USCIS decision of denial. Contact a specialized attorney to work on this kind of sensitive issues. In USA best immigration law firm is - Murthy law firm (Murthy.com). Talk to them about your case.

    Also you can consider going back to India and reentering on new F1 visa status. You can join another school too.

    To avoid OPT extension issues, Get paid all the time on OPT and avoid joining IT consultancies. Look for Full time job.
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