• How to Select a US University for MS,PhD, MBA?

    The first step in selecting a US university is to choose some four to ten universities suitable to your GRE/TOEFL test scores, Academic percentage. Short list the universities based on our Profile Evaluation Tool..

    University Selection for Masters in USA,PhD

    Now filter those universities based on cost of Education. One of the primary factors in selecting a US university is Cost of the Education (Tuition + Other fees+ Living expenses). Cost of the Education plays main role rather than the university ranking or anything else. Generally Schools with less less tuition fee are preferable. Generally schools below $6000 per 9 credit hours are considered as schools with low tuition..

    If School's tuition is high, then look for funding opportunities like fee waivers, assistantships available in your university particularly in your department.

    If you get an admission for a high ranked university with high tuition fee and a low ranked university with less Tuition fee, then choose the school, with less cost of education.

    Get details about the Funding opportunities available in the specified departments of universities where you are seeking admission. This is a very important step in University selection because a University may not offer good funding for all departments equally. Funding means Fee waivers/ Assistant-ships.

    Find out whether your major in the School/University is Accredited or not. Accreditation is the certification that a school or program meets a prescribed academic standard. It is very important to know that a college or university is accredited. If you attend a college or university that is not accredited, you will not be able to transfer your credits to an accredited college or university. Your home country may not recognize your degrees, and you may not be able to get the job you want.

    Always Select a School with less tuition fee and in Urban area. Because In urban areas you have the chances of getting Internships (full time jobs while pursuing MS in US). If you can get an Internship you can work for full time in USA while doing your MS, which gives you lot money to support your education.

    MBA students should look into university tie ups with industries for placements. PhD students should consider the research going on in the university in their field.
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    1. polineni90's Avatar
      polineni90 -
      i would like to do masters in electrical engineering. my gre score is 298 and my tofel is 81. my bachelor's aggregate is 69.
      please sugesst me the universities in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.
    1. rachapudi's Avatar
      rachapudi -
      Hi Io want to do masters in computer science my gre is 298
      toefl is 85
      my academics is 79.4
      please suggest me universities
    1. gaurav15's Avatar
      gaurav15 -
      hi i want to do masters in computer science my gre score is 280/340.toefl score is 76.my bachelor's aggregate is 80%.
      pls suggest some universities
    1. Prudviraj's Avatar
      Prudviraj -
      hi i want to do masters in computer science my gre score is 282/340. ielts score score is 6.my bachelor's aggregate is 68%.
      pls suggest some universities
    1. prageet's Avatar
      prageet -
      hey guys..

      can anyone help me to find universities that offers ms in entrepreneurship or management courses...
      i want to do ms in entrepreneurship...
    1. nikhil451's Avatar
      nikhil451 -
      hai everyone.. my GRE score is 308 {Q-162, V-146,awa-3.0}
      yet to take IELTS
      can someone suggest me universities of good standard, offering fee wivers/assistantships...........
    1. shivamshah's Avatar
      shivamshah -
      i would like to do masters in computer science.
      my gre score is 287 and my tofel is 58
      also my IELTS SCORE is 5.5 bands.
      my bachelor's GPA 3.64.
      please sugesst me the universities in the states of california, texas, florida , Pennsylvania .
    1. raghu0463's Avatar
      raghu0463 -
      hi all,
      i have done my masters in uk, now i would like to apply for masters in us. what i want to know is, do i need to write gre and toefl or i can apply on my uk masters certificate.

      Thanks in advance .
    1. gangadhar1's Avatar
      gangadhar1 -
      hi all
      i have done masters (chemistry in india) i would like to apply for phd in usa . i got gre score of 289
      (v-139, q-150)
      please suggest me universities that are suitable to me.
    1. Amie's Avatar
      Amie -
      I hav pursued grauation Bacholore of Arts in English Lit. (b.a.) from Rajkot, Gujarat & Bachelore in Education (b.ed) Ahmedabad, Gujarat & now planning Masters of Arts in Special Needs, so can someone please help me out seeking univerties suitable for the same. awaiting... Thanks.
    1. sonus's Avatar
      sonus -
      hai guys...
      i planning for MS in mechanical engineering. My GRE score is 296
      toefl 85 b tech aggregate 73 percent
      please suggest me universities
    1. kvs0718's Avatar
      kvs0718 -
      Hai guys

      I am planning for MS in Fall 2014. I haven't taken my gre yet. Is it possible for me to complete my masters program within 10-15 lakhs in computer networks/ telecommunications/ wireless communications. Please suggest me some universities which offer these majors with the tuition cost within the above mentioned range ???
    1. pavan335's Avatar
      pavan335 -

      i planning for MS in fall 2014. my b tech aggregate is 58.8% please suggest me the universities
    1. tinku007's Avatar
      tinku007 -
      Profile Evaluation for MS in Computer Science GRE 307 and 2+years of IT Experience.
      Please evaluate,
      GRE: 307
      Quant: 165
      Verbal: 142
      AWA : waiting

      10th : 89%
      12th : 89.5%
      B.E. : 63.5%
      3 yrs experience in IT industry
      Applying for MS in CS.

      Shortlisted universities:
      1. university of southern california
      2. UCLA
      3. IOWA state university
      4. University of California riverside

      Please evaluate and tell chances to get in the above universities,
      Please suggest some more good universities accordingly.

      Thanks in advance
    1. sri@1990's Avatar
      sri@1990 -
      can u please tell me the universities for ms in cs ,with out gre score and which will have fall acceptance rate high. thanking u in advance.
    1. boodup's Avatar
      boodup -
      this site is very useful for my prep of ms in us.i would suggest you to give me related updates and it would mbe more effective when i would go for my abroad studies in usa..thanks in advance...
    1. B@hapy's Avatar
      B@hapy -
      Profile Evaluation for MS in Computer Science GRE 300 and 2+years of IT Experience.
      Please evaluate,
      GRE: 300
      Quant: 156
      Verbal: 144
      AWA : 3
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      hiiii guys...

      i planning for MS in mechanical engineering. I haven't given GRE yet.
      ielts overall 6.5 B tech CPI 7.28
      please suggest me universities
    1. malti's Avatar
      malti -
      Hi, I want to pursue Phd in computer science. I have completed M.Tech in cs in 2009 from jaypee inst of information technology, noida, U.P. India.
      My Teaching experience is 5 yrs.
      I m selected for scholarship provided by M.P. govt for foriegn studies.
      Kindly suggest me the universties to get registered for doctoral studies (Phd).
      I don't have gre, toefl or ielts score card yet.
    1. Viresh Duvvuri's Avatar
      Viresh Duvvuri -
      This site is very useful for students and parents aspiring to pursue MS in USA
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