• University of Michigan, Ann arbor (UMich) Review

    University of Michigan, Ann arbor is one of the TOP 5 universities in USA. One of the best Universities in USA. Here i am listing some facts about the university. you can add more in the comments.

    University of Michigan, Ann arbor (UMich) Review

    University Location: Ann arbor, Michigan

    Website: http://www.umich.edu/

    GRE Score Requirements: 320+ puts you on safe side for admission. CS/EE require higher score like 325+
    Tuition/Fee: $21,000 / year (Out of State)

    Deadlines: The application deadline for doctoral applicants is December 15. The application deadline for master's students is January 15. However, some engineering departments and programs have more flexible deadlines, so be sure to contact individual departments to find out their specific deadlines.

    Oncampus Job: Easy to get on campus job.

    Funding TA/RA/GA: Tough to get funding.

    Admission Decision: Students can check their application status online and learn whether application materials have been received.

    Admission Tips from Website:
    Letter of Recommendation
    Statement of Purpose

    Living Cost: 500-600/month
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    1. ashish309's Avatar
      ashish309 -
      For MIS Program, In Michigan University Program name is MSI or something else?
      I found this, but have doubts when read bout its course.

      if Other then provide me the link.
    1. tvamshi's Avatar
      tvamshi -
      Is it $21,00 / year.(Tuition fee)
    1. ebhavaniprasad's Avatar
      ebhavaniprasad -
      Hi ,
      What is the required criteria to get an admission in Michigan state university MS in Computer science ? please provide the list .
      Thanks in advance
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