• University of Colorado Boulder visa interview

    F1 VISA Experience for University of Colorado Boulder in Chennai.

    VISA status: Approved
    Consulate: Chennai
    Time: 12:00
    Token No: N363
    Counter: 19
    University: University of Colorado Boulder

    Reached the consulate by 10:15. I was allowed to enter immediately even though my time was scheduled at 12:00. Went through the initial process. They took my Passport, I20, GRE scorecard and SEVIS fee receipt and made it as a bundle.

    VO was a young guy in his early 30ís. He was very polite and he approved the visa of two other guys standing in front of me.

    VO: Good Morning. How are you?
    Me: I am fine sir, how are you?
    VO: Fine (Smiling). Which college are you heading to?
    Me: UC Boulder (Full Form)
    VO: Oh wow! UC Boulder! Thatís a wonderful place. Have you been to Boulder before?
    Me: No Sir, This is my first time.
    VO: Itís famous for skiing and snowboarding. Do you know skiing?
    Me: No Sir, but I would certainly learn when I go there.
    VO: Have you seen the pics (skiing)?
    Me: Yes, I saw them in the college website.
    VO: Oh good. So what is your major?
    Me: I am going to do Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
    VO: So whatís your UG percentage?
    Me: Said
    VO: Any Backlogs?
    Me: No Sir.
    VO: Who is sponsoring you education?
    Me: said
    VO: Your VISA is approved! Collect your passport after 1 week. Have a nice time in US. More importantly join the Colorado skiing Club. Its wonderful there.
    Me: (delighted) Thank You Sir, Have a nice day.

    The whole process took me less than 2 min. The VO did not check any of my documents. He just went through my Passport, I20, GRE scorecard and SEVIS Fee receipt.
    Guys, please be confident while answering questions. They are there to grant you VISA. The VO does not know any of your technical stuff. So, do not get unduly panicked. All the Best to all!
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