• Universities with Shocking International student enrollment

    Some school are having Shocking number of International student enrollment. Most of the Indian students eye for admission into these schools. Some of these universities are safe admits for applicants with average score, some are the only options left for them.

    US Schools with Highest number of International Students

    Here is the list of Universities with highest number of International student admissions.

    University Total Engineering school Enrollment Percent of International Students
    University of Missouri—Kansas City 245 95.9
    Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis 166 95.2
    University of Bridgeport 315 93.3
    University of Michigan, Dearborn 255 93.3
    Lamar University 215 91.6
    Texas A&M University, Kingsville 606 91.4
    Illinois Institute of Technology 1,235 90.9
    Wichita State University 432 89.6
    University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) 1,608 88.6
    University at Buffalo, SUNY 1,707 88

    UMKC has record number of students from outside USA. 95.9% engineering students at UMKC are International students. So out of 100 students in the class 96 are International students, only 4 of them are Americans. It's one of the universities gained admission rate by using Consultancies in India. This is safe schools for lowest GRE scores of around 290. UMKC gives some fee waiver on I-20 attracting many indian students, though it's costly.

    University of Bridgeport, Lamar, TAMU - Kingsville are also for low scores. IIT, chicago and UTD are for average Test score of around 305-315.
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    1. gummadiraghu's Avatar
      gummadiraghu -
      so are these universities bad?????
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Are there any such university for ms in economics???
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hello Sir,
      I am Balaji From Visakhapatnam completed Pharm.D, planning to go USA on student visa.I am going through Consultancy where they applied for FALL 2014 waiting for I20.
      1.University of Detroit mercy,MI
      2.Findlay University

      For Healthcare Management course.Which could be of better option?I had GRE-284 and IELTS:6.0 overall.Consultancy didnt asked my GRE for reporting.Does theses Universities are fine?Let me know

    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      even UCM and NPU
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