• Universities for Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in USA

    Unites States has prestigious research oriented schools for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics programs. Usually they admit Computer Science,Electrical or Mechanical engineering undergraduates for their Phd or Masters programs. Here is list US Universities offering master of science in Artificial Intelligence (M.S.A.I).

    Universities for Masters on Artificial Intelligence

    1 California Institute of Technology
    2 Carnegie Mellon University
    3 Columbia University
    4 Cornell University
    5 Georgia Institute of Technology
    6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    7 Stanford University
    8 University of California, Berkeley
    9 University of California, Los Angeles
    10 University of Georgia
    11 University of Illinois
    12 University of Maryland, College Park
    13 University of Massachusetts
    14 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    15 University of Pennsylvania
    16 University of Southern California
    17 University of Texas, ​Austin
    18 University of Washington
    19 University of Wisconsin, Madison
    20 Syracuse University
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      mudita -
      which universities are good for ph.d in machine learning?
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