• Top Universities in Canada for MS

    List of Top universities in Canada for Doing Masters. MS in Canada is Best alternative to MS in US.

    Top Universities in Canada for Master of Science (MS)

    For most of the majors University of Toranto and UBC will occupy top 2 slots.

    Here is complete Rankings of Canadian Universities for MS.

    1. University of Toronto
    2. University of British Columbia
    3. Simon Fraser University
    4. University of Alberta
    5. McGill University
    6. University of Calgary
    7. University of Waterloo
    8. Université de Montréal
    9. York University
    10. University of Saskatchewan
    11. McMaster University
    12. University of Western Ontario
    13. University of Manitoba
    14. University of Victoria
    15. Saint Mary's university
    16. Carleton University - Canada's Capital University
    17. Dalhousie University ‑ Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    18. Concordia University
    19. St. Francis Xavier University (StFX)
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    1. Bekhruz's Avatar
      Bekhruz -
      there any free education how to apply?
    1. sr_nagaraj's Avatar
      sr_nagaraj -
      Can any one tell me how better it to take up MS in canada as compared to US. Are there any job oportunities. Cost in comparison to US
    1. thiru123's Avatar
      thiru123 -
      I have got accepted by University of Western Ontario for MEng Chemical Engineering 1 year program.. Pls let me know the possibilities of finding a job within a year after degree completion in Ontario.. I have BTech in Biotechnology and 4 years of irrelevant IT experience..
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      is there any scholarship available in canada?
    1. gouri16pal's Avatar
      gouri16pal -
      would like to know about management courses offered in Canada.I am already Ielts cleared with a score of 7.5.would also like to know about scholarships
    1. 2013rohits's Avatar
      2013rohits -
      How is univ of ottawa??
    1. sainimscanada's Avatar
      sainimscanada -
      I scored
      gre : 306 (verbal 147 and quant 159, analytical writing 3.0 )
      toefl : 83
      BTech in Information Technology : 77% equivalent to 3.2 gpa
      12 th : 75%
      10 th : 79%
      experience of 11months

      I want to pursue M.S in computer science ,so i want profile evaluation and would like to know the top universities where i should apply
    1. siddharth999's Avatar
      siddharth999 -
      Hiii...everyone..this is siddharth from Hyderabad.Could anyone please clarify me about benefits of studying MS in canada than pursuing it in US and if studying in canada is good then ,I came to know from few consultancies that canada offers PGdiploma in colleges and Masters in universities.I was even informed by consultancies that students studying PGdiploma are exposed to more job opportunities that students doing masters.My Ielts score is 6.5 ,I am from ECE background in Btech with percentage of 67.31 and without any backlogs.It would be a great favor on me if you clarify my doubts of whether to pursue PGdiploma or Masters in canada,if canada is good and if possible suggest me any good consultancies for canada in Hyderabad....thanks in advance
    1. siddharth999's Avatar
      siddharth999 -
      Hii...everyone this is siddharth from Hyderabad.Could anyone please clarify my queries that whether studying in canada is better than doing it in US for Masters.I was informed by some consultancies in hyderabad that canada offers PG-diploma and Masters .They further informed me that students pursuing PG-diploma are exposed more to job opportunities than students doing MS in canada.My IELTS score is 6.5 and I completed my Btech in ECE with 67.31 % and without any backlogs.I have 5 years of experience in Software feild SAP .If possible please suggest me any good consultancies in Hyderabad for canada.Thanks in advance....
    1. Atif's Avatar
      Atif -
      Hi guyzzz...can any one tell me whether Canadian universities require IELTS OR TOEFL...!!!
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Is GRE required to get admission in Canada universities ?
      If required please tell me universities names?
    1. neeraj.1693's Avatar
      neeraj.1693 -
      Hi all...I need ur help...
      I want to Persue MS in mechanical and am done with my gre,ielts.
      My scores are Gre-312(v-144,q-168),ielts-7,Btech agg-86%,10+2 agg-96%,10 agg-88%,1.5 years experience in infosys(domain -IT)
      For this profile can you please suggest universities...Will I be getting scholarship for any....would I be getting In univ of Toronto,univ of Waterloo,British Columbia Please help me out...
    1. yarramaneniindu's Avatar
      yarramaneniindu -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      Is GRE required to get admission in Canada universities ?
      If required please tell me universities names?
      i would like to know top canada universities for aerounatical engineering
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I need canadian colleges admission requirements and IELTS and TOEFL cutoff bands as well. please can you update as soon as possible
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      don't you people realize that no serious Canadian does a MS at a Canadian school. And the one foolish enough to pursue one usually don't even put it on their resume because it shows they're second class, like the country in general.
    1. aman kedia's Avatar
      aman kedia -
      Hi, I have IELTS Overall Score of 7 and Speaking- 6, Writing -6.5, Listening - 8.5, Reading - 7.
      I have overall 8.74 out of 10 in B.tech.
      Kindly let me know someone, If I can get in to Top College in Canada for MS only with the IELTS Score without GRE?.
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