• Understanding Prerequisites, English Courses, Credits, Fee structure in US Universities

    Most people have Questions on fee structures, fee per semester / per subject, prerequisites, english courses in US Universities ? and many other doubts like these.now i am gonna share the info that i am having.

    What is PREREQUISITE Course?

    PREREQUISITES are nothing but courses or the subjects which an university will be allotting a student, when there's a change of stream.for example, change of stream from electronics to computer science etc.
    so,many students who have the problem with the admits, or who are having a goal to complete their graduation in that particular stream, choose this. by this what happens is that for example, a student changes his stream from electronics to cs, where he'll not be having the cs subjects in electronics. so, the university decides to give the student some undergrad courses along with the grad courses.


    This is another type of course a student gets when he is having the low scores in IELTS or TOEFL.

    Understanding Fee Per semester, Credits

    so based on the above explained criteria, this is important.
    for the completion of your graduation, there will be :
    semesters : 4
    subjects : 3 per semester
    credits 3 per subject. so 3x3=9 credits you should get per semester.
    each subject will be having 3 credits where , 1 credit=400$ to 1100$.so per subject 3 credits = 1200$ to 3000$.
    for the 3 subjects = around 3500$ to 10000$ per sem.

    ---> if you got the prerequisites, there will be no credits for that, because its an undergrad course there will be only pass / fail. so, here you'll be paying the money for the subjects in which you'll not be getting any credits.

    ---> for the english course, the same as mentioned above.

    important : some universities ( not all ) will be giving the 2 prerequisites and a grad course. so you'll be getting only 3 credits for that sem. some will be giving English, prereqs and also grad. in some univ, you can complete the prerqs in summer etc. choose wisely ..!

    coming to me, i moved from ece to cs, where i got grad and 2 prereqs. so in the first sem i choose 1 prereq and 2 grad courses. so i will be getting only 6 credits.
    and in NYIT, the fee is like 6.7 lakhs a sem.
    thats it for today, inbox me ..! thank you..! bye ..!

    --Phani Bhargava
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      what are those some universities can you tell us please
    1. prt_prmr's Avatar
      prt_prmr -
      can u pls explain me the concept of credits here? as in what does credit stands for and on what basis it varies???
    1. arijitsom's Avatar
      arijitsom -
      I belong to Computer Science back ground...in that case what are all the pre requisite I need to select?
    1. DreamingGirl's Avatar
      DreamingGirl -
      Hey, I am doing B.Tech (Mechanical). I am planning to do my Masters in Aerospace Engineering at USA. Please tell if if I too will be given pre-requisite subjects during my graduation.
    1. DreamingGirl's Avatar
      DreamingGirl -
      Hey, I am doing B.Tech (Mechanical). I am planning to do my Masters in Aerospace Engineering at USA. Please tell me if I too will be given the pre-requisite subjects to study during my graduation.
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