• Tuition fee at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

    Hello ppl I have been accepted in RIT in telecommunications but the problem is that I have to spend $100000 over two years what which is a bit too much.....Does anybody if assistantships are offered easily or not. What do you think should I take the risk or not and can I get assistantship l,if not right away, maybe after a semester.

    Tuition fee at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

    Alot of guys are having confusion in the fees structure of RIT. I will try to explain how your expenses may be calculated. I'll take the example of my Telecommunication program.

    RIT's telecommunication program has 33 credits.

    RIT's cost per credit = 1554 / credit.

    Total RIT's tuition expense = 33 x 1554 = 51282$

    Take any random scholarship % say 30% given. This scholarship is the percentage of our tuition expense. And this scholarship as confirmed by RIT officials remains for the entire duration of the program provided me maintain satisfactory grades.

    New Tuition Expense = 51282 x 0.7 = 35897.4 $
    Add 2000$ miscellaneous to the tuition.

    Then our Tuition Expense becomes 35897.4 + 2000 = 37897.4 $

    Living Expense comes around 500$ per month. Say we complete our MS in 3 semesters i.e. 18 months. Total living expense = 18 x 500 $ = 9000$.

    Add 1000$ miscellaneous to it. Hence New Living expense = 9000 + 1000 = 10000$

    So total Cost of Attendance at RIT = 37897.4 + 10000 = 47897.4 $ (max).

    Now RIT has plenty of part-time jobs available. The above cost can be cut down say you work 10 hours per week i.e. 40 hrs per month earning 8-10 say 9$ per hour. So total earning in a month with on-campus jobs = 9$ x 40 x 18 months = 6480$.

    Also, if we manage to get a co-op, they are normally for 3-6 months and we earn approx. 2000-3500$ per month for that duration. This will further reduce the cost. -- Remus

    Visit RIT website for more Info: https://www.rit.edu/fa/sfs/rit-full-...uate-2013-2014
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      Good & analytic information
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      What is the minimum GRE score required for Game Design and Game Development course at RIT?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      What is the minimum GRE score required for Game Design and Game Development course at RIT?
      Hi.. i think there is no definite answer to that question. It is the overall profile that matters rather than any single aspect. A profile with 320 in GRE and poor academics may be rejected while a profile with 295 in GRE and good academics or publications may be accepted. In some article i read recently, the author has mentioned rightly that a low GRE score can keep you out of a college, but a super GRE score may not get you into a college. So, on balance I would say a score above 300 would be a safe score for the program u mentioned, provided your other aspects are about average. But like I said earlier, u can get into the program with even less score if you have something else in your profile that can show that you are fit for this program... like some good gaming project you worked on etc...
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      I am planning to take Master's in Game developement at RIT. can I get details of any existing student.
      please help me by mailing the details at nelli.praveen.81@gmail.com
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