• Leaked docs says that Trump is going to revoke OPT STEM Extension and H4-EAD

    Today VOX.com publish a leaked copy of executive actions that trump is going to sign. Text in the Draft Executive Order points at cancelling H4-EAD and OPT STEM Extension.

    Why Trump want to Cancel H4-EAD and OPT STEM Extension

    Above is the text from the leaked memo. Here is the link to Trump's EO draft

    'With in 90 days of this order, review all regulations that allow foreign nationals to work in United States, determine which of those regulation violate the immigration laws or are otherwise not in the national interest and should be rescinded, and purpose for notice and comment a rule to rescind or modify such regulations.
    Top official in the Trump administration have been talking about H4-EAD and OPT Extension for a long time. American workers are loosing opportunities because of H4-EAD and OPT students. American college graduates are directly impacted by this international community. These two rules were part of Obama's immigration reform from Nov 2014. Trump who is against the Obama EO and his changes to immigration policies, have good chances of revoking these 2 rules.

    OPT Students may see site visits by FBI

    As you know during STEM OPT extension student are not supposes to work at client sites. OPT Students are allowed to work ONLY at Employer's location.

    The EO memo talks about increased site visits by FBI officials for all visa programs. Currently site visits are limited to only H1B employees. Now, it could be extended to F-1 OPT students and L1-Visas.

    Site visits will occur after your OPT Extension is approved. Students who are working for Consulting firms will list their employer's address as their work place in OPT application. FBI officials will visit employer's place to check if the candidate is physically present at that location or not. If proved that the student is not at that location, USCIS will revoke the approved OPT extension.
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      Thankyou for the updated information
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      Dear all,

      Thankyou for the updated information, these information really helpful for international students those who willing to study in USA, i am really appreciate for your updated information. hope this will help international students.
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