• Top 100 Universities for Producing Millionaires

    Wanna become a Millionaire? Join one of these Universities. Most of the millionaires are coming from these universities.

    Top 100 Universities for Producing Millionaires

    Rank Institution
    1 Harvard University (USA)
    2 Harvard Business School (USA)
    3 Stanford University (USA)
    4 University of California (USA)
    5 Columbia University (USA)
    6 University of Oxford (UK)
    7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (USA)
    8 New York University (NYU) (USA)
    9 University of Cambridge (UK)
    10 University of Pennsylvania (USA)
    11 Cornell University (USA)
    12 University of Michigan (USA)
    13 Yale University (USA)
    14 University of Chicago (USA)
    15 INSEAD (France)
    16 Tel Aviv University (Israel)
    17 University of Texas (USA)
    18 Sciences Po (Institut d’études politiques de Paris) (France)
    19 University of Southern California (USA)
    20 École Polytechnique (France)
    21 Northwestern University (USA)
    22 Princeton University (USA)
    23 HEC Paris (France)
    24 Bocconi University (Italy)
    25 University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School (USA)
    26 University of Illinois (USA)
    27 London School of Economics (LSE) (UK)
    28 University of Virginia (USA)
    29 University of Wisconsin (USA)
    30 Duke University (USA)
    31 University of California, Berkeley (USA)
    32 Paris-Sorbonne University (France)
    33 University of New South Wales (Australia)
    34 California State University (USA)
    35 Georgetown University (USA)
    36 Paris Dauphine University (France)
    37 University of Toronto (Canada)
    38 Washington University (USA)
    39 Dartmouth College (USA)
    40 McGill University (Canada
    41 Boston University (USA)
    42 Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
    43 Purdue University (USA)
    44 Sydney University (Australia)
    45 University of London (UK)
    46 Melbourne University (Australia)
    47 Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden)
    48 Ohio State University (USA)
    49 University of Florida (USA)
    50 Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA) [awaiting clarification]
    51 University of Missouri (USA)
    52 George Washington University (USA)
    53 University of Minnesota (USA)
    54 Miami University (USA)
    55 Michigan State University (USA)
    56 University of British Columbia (Canada)
    57 University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)
    58 University of Colorado (USA)
    59 University of Notre Dame (USA)
    60 Queen’s University (Canada)
    61 Rutgers University (USA)
    62 Brown University (USA)
    63 London Business School (UK)
    64 Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
    65 Ecole Nationale d’Administration (France)
    66 Essec Business School Paris (France)
    67 Stanford Business School (USA)
    68 Imperial College (UK)
    69 Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
    70 University of North Carolina (USA)
    71 Southern Methodist University (USA)
    72 Columbia Business School (USA)
    73 Monash University (Australia)
    74 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)
    75 Texas A&M University (USA)
    76 Vanderbilt University (USA)
    77 Boston College (USA)
    78 University of Western Ontario (Canada)
    79 University of Cape Town (South Africa)
    80 Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
    81 Moscow State University (Russia)
    82 University of Maryland (USA)
    83 University of Houston (USA)
    84 University of Kansas (USA)
    85 Louisiana State University (USA)
    86 Tulane University (USA)
    87 University of Queensland (Australia)
    88 Delhi University (India)
    89 Stockholm University (Sweden)
    90 La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
    91 State University of New York (USA)
    92 Tufts University (USA)
    93 University of Arizona (USA)
    94 Fordham University (USA)
    95 University of Western Australia (Australia)
    96 National University of Singapore (Singapore)
    97 Northeastern University (USA)
    98 MIT Sloan School of Management (USA)
    99 Brigham Young University (USA)
    100 University of Massachusetts (USA)
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