• TOEFL Test Tips and Suggestions

    A lot of guys started asking me for TOEFL tips and suggestions and all. So I'll just try to share a few things.

    TOEFL Test Tips: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing

    Reading: had four passages and the first one I felt difficult and the rest were okay!

    Listening: while I was doing the first part of listening, which is three audios, some people were doing their speaking section and got distracted! I managed to pull myself back and focus for the second part. It was not hard but I heard a few people said it was hard.

    Speaking: Relatively again. Messed up the fourth one. After reading the paragraph in the fourth question, I felt I needed to read it again to understand and had only about 9 seconds which was not enough. Others were okay.

    Writing: Both questions were no problem at all.

    Suggestions for TOEFL Test Preparation

    1) Try to do at least a couple of TPOs in one go. All four section with only 10 mins break in between and consider it as a real test. It doesn't matter if you can't get a score for speaking and writing. Use cellphone to record what you say for speaking and copy the essay to a word file after you're done writing and analyze yourself or have someone do it for you.

    2) I was very confident in listening and yet I got distracted and messed up so easily. Practice in a room with some distraction. Not just loud music but play a speech in the background as you do the TPO.

    3) Timing is key. I always used to finish listening section under 3 minutes each part but it took me whole 10 minutes for both parts during the test. So keep practicing more.

    I was aiming for 110+ and it was doable for me. Now I'm hoping to get 100+ and I'd be happy.

    -- Sohil
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