• TOEFL Scholarships Deadline April 30th 2013

    This article gives information on Apply for TOEFL Scholarship and frequently asked Question on TOEFL Scholarships. TOEFL Scholarship Program will cover some amount of tuition at the foreign universities including USA.

    Who can apply for TOEFL Scholarship?

    • Those who finished the TOEFL Test and have scores from ETS.
    • Currently you should live in the country where you are applying for TOEFL Scholarship.
    • Planning to attend a university listed in the TOEFLŪ Destinations Directory (PDF) in 2013 (Summer/Fall/Winter Admissions). You must plan to attend the university by the end of 2013 to be qualified for the scholarship.
    • Good Communication skills in English.
    • Leadership skills, Community Service, Extracurricular activities.
    • Over 80% education or minimum of 3.0 on 4 point scale.

    What is the Scholarship amount?

    20 scholarships valued at US$3,000
    1 scholarship valued at US$10,000

    List of the people who won the TOEFL Scolarship last year >>

    TOEFL Scholarship Application & Documents Required

    • Online Application for TOEFL Scholarship for students in India is available at >> Online
    • Students of China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan please use this link.
    • You need to upload the transcripts into the System.
    • 600 word Essay.
    • Deadline for Applying for Scholarship is April 30th 2013. So, you need to have TOEFL score card by Apr 30th. So, to be on safer side you need to take the TOEFL test by the end of March so that you will get the scores by Apr 30th 2013.

    FAQ on TOEFL Scholarship

    Can I apply if I take the test in 2012 or 2011?
    Students who took the test in the past can also apply for this scholarship if the score is still valid.

    When will I get the Scholarship amount?
    Once you join the university.

    If you have any additional Questions you can contact: toeflscholarship@ets.org
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    1. ahmadpasha's Avatar
      ahmadpasha -
      Is this amount paid from first semester to the last semester?Is it for each semester throughout the whole years of studying or is paid just for the first semester?
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