• Student Visa Interview Experience at US Consulate for Spring 2013

    Student Visa Interview Experience at US Consulate, Hyderabad for Spring 2013- Vidya Reddy.

    Visa interview -Spring 2013
    Consulate : Hyderabad,
    appointment for OFC : 16th oct
    appointment for VI: 19th oct
    attempt: first
    program : ms in health care admin
    gre : 300, toefl:93, undergrad %:73%, work exp:2yrs
    University: university of Texas at Arlington.

    Reached the consulate at begumpet by 7:30 am. The applicants of 8am and 8:30 am were allowed to stand outside the main gate of the Hyderabad American consulate general, the guards checked the passport and appointment confirmation copy and allowed the applicants inside the consulate premises. The is a open waiting area where the applicants are told to site for a while as it was the 1st batch of the day the staff was checking if everything was ready. It was about 10 min waiting time, meanwhile tension was building up in me. Then again the guards asked for the 8am appointment applicants to come forward , they scanned the ds-160 barcode and asked us to place the metal appeals in a tray along with the documents file. after this security check we were allowed to enter into the CHIRAG palace viz. the place where visa interview are conducted. the consulate staff there asked for the I20,Ds-160, Sevis fee receipt and stapled then to the last cover page of the passport. I was told to go to the counter which was empty and I did so, then there was a Indian guy there ,who confirmed the university I was heading to and he asked me to go to another counter where the applicants were asked to give the Left hand fingerprints. After this again I was asked to go to the waiting area where the staff gave each applicant a token with specific code. which gets displayed with the corresponding window no where we have to give the visa interview . it took about 20 min then the my token no was diplayed with window no -15
    me:good morning.
    vo: give me ur documents(I passed the documents stapled along with my passport).
    vo: So, going to UTA?
    me :yes sir
    vo: what is ur GRE score.
    me: 300
    vo: undergrad percentage
    me :73%
    vo: any backlogs
    me: yes one
    vo: why did u give gre instead of gmat(as my program was a management related).
    me :I wanted to answer this(sir my program is more of about delivering health care and not abt business management so gre is enough for it. but I was interrupted in the middle and the vo asked me the same question again.)so I answered the university is accepting gre also.
    vo: what all universities did u apply.
    me : univ of Pennsylvania, univeristy of carlifornia, Cleveland state univ, university of Texas at arlington, Grand valley state univ, Texas state university- san marcos.
    vo: GRAND VALLEY ST UNIVERSITY??????????where did this come from????how did u know about this university?
    me : during my research about the universities which were offering health care programs , I found out that this university was offering a good program too.
    vo : if this was a really good school I would have known abt it.
    me : it is a good school sir.
    vo: is grand valley a public or private univ?
    me : public sir.
    vo: do u have any plan to transfer from uta to grand valley?
    me: NO!
    VO: how are u funding ur education.
    me : my parents are funding my education sir.
    vo: wat do they do?
    me : my father is a real estate developer and mom is a teacher.
    vo: ok I'm approving ur visa. NEXT.
    me: Thank u sir.
    summary: Be confident( I know this not possible , but u all can get that confidence if u recall ur struggle from the initial step of preparing for gre to the final step of standing in front of the vo.).
    The vo did not ask me any documents. He did not give any expressions throught out the interview except for the grand valley thing….haha maybe he thought it is like Trivalley.
    I really was tensed up before my vi. but I suggest u all to prepare you self well and be cool. I really mean it when I said Prepare well..(prepare for every possible question which is expected for ur profile, acedamics, tests-gre/gmat/toefl/ielts, work exp, university, finances)
    that’s all and remember one thing……everything is in our hand
    MAKE IT OR BREAK IT!!!! rest leave it to the ALMIGHTY GOD….
    once again prepare well!
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    1. vidhismile's Avatar
      vidhismile -
      Hey!! Congo
    1. Sandipan's's Avatar
      Sandipan's -
      Congrats , I have a friend who has few backlogs like 14. but he has work exp of one yr and did mis masters in diploma in mechhanical engg. wan t to pursue MS in mech . can he get visas with so many backs ?
    1. Sandipan's's Avatar
      Sandipan's -
      Congrats , I have a friend who has few backlogs like 14. but he has work exp of one yr and did ms masters diploma in mechhanical engg. wan t to pursue MS in mech . can he get visas with so many backs ? his %age is 55 and in PGD in mech is 74 . work exp 1 yrs.
    1. pavan373's Avatar
      pavan373 -
    1. bharath540's Avatar
      bharath540 -
      Congr**** Vidya Reddy even i apply last week at hyd consulate i got rejected for Gmat i have apply to pittsburg state unversity with 83 and gre 276 but he was just asking for gmat however i have email from university stat that i need give my Gmat after 1 semester .but he said i dont want to see any thing
    1. swapnilk's Avatar
      swapnilk -
    1. aditya.b's Avatar
      aditya.b -
    1. teja reddy's Avatar
      teja reddy -
      Hello !
      Even im for the Spring 2013 MBA at UTA...Can you share any of ur info to get connected...
    1. nikhilrana's Avatar
      nikhilrana -
      if you have more than 1 backlog in 1 semester, can treat it as one because the only way the visa officer will able to find out is by looking at my marksheets date of issue and it tell him nothing about the number of backlogs i had!!
    1. Ousman's Avatar
      Ousman -
      Thank for this
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