• Student Visa experience for University of Houston Clearlake

    Student Name: Narendra Rao Tadapanenu
    VI on nov 14th 10:30
    counter number 12(young american)
    reached US consulate at 9.45.
    infront of me two members were rejected,
    it's my turn.

    me:good morning sir,how r u?
    vo:good morning,fine. how r u?
    me:fine. thank you.
    vo:why UHCL?
    me:I selected this university according to the curriculum they provide,
    I am very much interested to do specialization in OOPL java,
    this university offers an excellent Java Programming Curriculum and also
    offers few interdisciplinary courses, the feedback from the seniors study in there gave me a good impression and this is the best university in my admits and match with my profile.
    (he is continuously typing on keyboard and he was impressed )
    me:79% first class with distinction.
    vo:greate....any backlogs?
    me:no backlogs sir.
    voassed out year?
    me:2011 july.
    vo:since what r u doing?
    me:I did some R&D on my specialization subject java.
    vo:how many univ u applied?
    me: 4 uni, got admits from 3, one in pending.
    vo:what r they?
    vo:gre score?
    vo:show me u r marks memos.
    me:sure sir,
    vo:tell me about your specialization sub?
    me:Using Java we can develop standalone, web based, mobile,
    enterprise applications.And java is a one of the most popular web technology
    and it has good job opportunities in India.(he was impressed)
    vo:what is your parents annual income?
    me:10 lpa
    vo:income sources?

    finally he told me you get your passport within a week time.
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