• Student Visa approved for NCSU at Mumbai US Consulate

    Consulate - Mumbai
    Slot - 9:00 AM
    Was out by 9:45
    University - NCSU (MCS)

    VO was a lady in early 30s

    Docs asked - Passport, I20, SEVIS confirmation

    So did you finish your graduation?
    - Ma'am, I just finished my final semester exams, I am waiting for marksheet.
    Why are you going for masters?
    - Ma'am I wish to work at Flipkart as a Data scientist and for that I need data science technical expertise.
    So what is Flipkart?
    Ma'am it's one of the giant e-commerce companies.
    Where is it based in?
    - Bangalore
    How many universities did you apply to?
    - 8, 5 admits (told all of these) and 2 rejects 1 pending (ASU go to hell&#128514
    Why did you choose NCSU?
    Ma'am it's a member of NCDS and it has NSF Big data center
    Still not convinced..
    Explained more how that will be helpful for me if I plan to work as a Data scientist
    So this is an expensive University. How are you planning to pay?
    - My family is funding me ma'am.
    Have you ever travelled abroad before?
    -Yes ma'am, I am carrying my old passport as well. But she didn't ask for it.
    What's you father's income?
    Well who gives a damn what she said next🤣
    Told her thank you, have a nice day
    PS - These answers were "made" for visa 😂
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