• Statement of Purpose Samples for MS, PhD

    Here are some Statement of Purpose Samples (SOP) for MS, PhD. Examples of Statement of purpose for Masters, PhD Programs in USA.

    Statement of Purpose (SOP) samples for MS, Phd

    The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your Masters, PhD applications for US Universities, that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path, why you are seeking admissions into their program and your research interests. Here are some Sample SOPs for your reference.

    What does graduate schools expect in your SOP for MS, PhD and MBA Admissions? >>

    Don't copy these Sample Statement of Purpose samples as it is. You need to modify or create new ones according to your goals, passions and they should show your own education background, research, zeal for education in USA.

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    1. keshob's Avatar
      keshob -
      not all subject man
      economics is missing
    1. cherukuri_ajay's Avatar
      cherukuri_ajay -
      I will add Economic Statement of Purpose too. If you have any other samples send it to me. Thanks.
    1. Santy's Avatar
      Santy -
      yes .please share SOP for economics as well..
    1. xxx99's Avatar
      xxx99 -
      I have low cumulative grades(7/10) in the first three years owing to stress that I went through.
      My brother was suffering from ADHD.I couldn't concentrate on my academics and that affected my grades.
      However I struggled hard to overcome this and bounced back in the final year with a good GPA(9/10)
      ...How to address this issue in my grad school application?
    1. vinothajv's Avatar
      vinothajv -
      Aerospace is also missing...........!!!!!!!!!!
    1. gadila's Avatar
      gadila -
      plz post sop of health care administration & public health sciences
    1. prem999's Avatar
      prem999 -
      plz post sop for ece
    1. prem999's Avatar
      prem999 -
      ece is missing
    1. senthil's Avatar
      senthil -
      Materials science and phys also missing
    1. rams's Avatar
      rams -
      hi sir please can you help me by posting sop for Regulatory affairs....
    1. sahi's Avatar
      sahi -
      wht abt aerospace stream
    1. Jesse VK's Avatar
      Jesse VK -
      Please post SOP for architecture.
    1. sanju.ju33's Avatar
      sanju.ju33 -
      Alas! Linguistics is so neglected. And me too?!
    1. FARSHAD's Avatar
      FARSHAD -
      Plz post sample sop for chemical engineering
    1. Tinsae's Avatar
      Tinsae -
      Please post sample statement for public health
    1. sundar's Avatar
      sundar -
      pls post sop for textile department
    1. Ali Asghar's Avatar
      Ali Asghar -
      even petroleum missin...
    1. Hayiboni's Avatar
      Hayiboni -
      Could anyone enlighten me with a statement of purpose sample for Veterinary science,specifically Veterinary Public Health?I'd be really grateful.
    1. kumarsain's Avatar
      kumarsain -
      Please post SOP for MS in criminal justice/Law programs
    1. vinayaksd's Avatar
      vinayaksd -
      Please post SOP for MS in Embedded Systems/VLSI
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