• Statement of Purpose for MS in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics

    Sample statement of Purpose for Pharmacy Graduate School admission. SOP should mention your specialization at masters or PhD level.

    Statement of Purpose(SOP) for Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics

    The urge to achieve and prove myself among the greats in the history of science has been my ambition from the day I was first introduced to the captivating concepts of science and medicine in particular. The mental ability to approach a problem with the right amalgam of logic and reasoning has supported me in inching towards my goal. As a first step out of school I decided to take up biology, physics & chemistry as my optional subjects which would lay the foundations for my goal in 10+2.

    Joining B. Pharmacy was an important milestone and, as a person with a sense of respect & love for human life I embraced the field of pharmacy. I was in particular interested in pharmaceutics. This is such a Branch that any Person who has Heart to Feel and a Mind to Understand its Depths and applications, which is Highly diverse as well as expanding by Leaps and Bounds cannot resist himself without choosing his career in this field, especially Formulation of Dosage forms has Proven to be a Powerful area in research to surmount various difficulties in Formulation of New chemical entities. So this area has got tremendous Research and Development application in Industry and moreover it has the ability to adjudicate various queries in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

    Out of my own volition I have chosen Pharmaceutical Sciences, which offers ample scope for research activities and these parallels with my aspiration of a M.S. Degree. Pharmaceutical Sciences is considered with the study of the scientific study of the composition, properties, and activities of substances, Drugs and the changes they undergo. With the advancement in technology, pharmaceutics has also evolved into a distinct discipline which has helped the field of pharmacy every where in improving the efficacy of drugs by studying drug absorption, distribution, metabolism etc., which would definitely help in the manufacture of better drugs.

    The principles that I learnt & am learning through various subjects in B.pharmacy such as Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Pharma administration etc., have helped me in having a vision that would help me in perceiving my higher education.

    As a student of Pharmacy I learnt that practical work & experience is more important than just theoretical learning, as our profession involves extensive experimentation & research .I have also learnt how simple drug molecules are synthesized in laboratory, how aseptic conditions are met, how sterility of products are tested, how the nature of pharmaceutical preparations effect the manufacturing process and several other experiments related to pharmacokinetics.

    In academics I have put my best efforts & have secured 80% till my third year of B.pharmacy & have actively participated in seminars & lab work. Being the class representative gave me a sense of responsibility and duty. Having faith in me, my lecturers would ask me to perform experiments like dissolution testing, performing TlC, U.V-spectroscopic evaluation of concentration of drugs, either alone or in a team which I lead. This is part of our course work, which has given me the opportunity to gain an insight into conducting an experiment, the planning of an experiment & the common problems faced in an experiment.

    I would prefer to join in your school on an account of its excellent research facilities combined with distinguished and dedicated faculty. My admission into your esteemed institution is of paramount importance for my career. With my theoretical knowledge, practical skills coupled with my dedication and sincerity, I am well equipped to meet your expectations. I am confident that, if admitted, I would surely satisfy your expectations. My admission into your university will help me in my endeavor and I hope I will be favorably considered for M.S in Pharmacy program with a possible financial assistance. I would eagerly look forward for being amongst your distinguished academic community. I take this opportunity to thank university faculty for their patient perusal of my application.


    Better to Complete Statement of Purpose in One page. Even though it has multiple paged it won't hurt your admission chances.
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      I , done with my B.pharmacy in India I m planning to do my masters in usa in university of st.johns or long island university can any one provide me requirements and gre scores to be achieved plz do reply
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      Quote Originally Posted by priyaannam View Post
      I , done with my B.pharmacy in India I m planning to do my masters in usa in university of st.johns or long island university can any one provide me requirements and gre scores to be achieved plz do reply
      ietls >= 6.5 or toefl
      gre 285 n more
      academic credential alteast average or above
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      I have given IELTS and not Gre ....can neone suggest me a good university that accept IELTS score ..i have completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy from pune india
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