• Statement of Purpose for MS in Chemistry

    Intended major : Chemistry
    Degree sought : M.S

    As we transverse through the realms of imagination and connect with the world of reality, we build personal paradigms, few, which mould our future and stand the test of time. It was one such paradigm that was the reason and conviction behind my decision to opt for CHEMISTRY as my graduate major.

    As an applicant for MS CHEMISTRY program at your university, I would like to provide a brief account of my own interests and ambitions in pursuing the graduate study in your esteemed University.

    I have been interested in sciences since my childhood. I wondered at the astronomical number of compounds that carbon forms, which inspired me to choose Chemistry as my major field of study in my Master of Science. As a part of this interest only I choose to study Pharmacy at undergraduate level.


    I would like to present my past performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors. My academic performance was good & this acted as a booster &made me look at future with confidence & excitement. My schooling provided me with the much needed information for a scientific approach in life. I learned that just having interest is not sufficient & that it needs to be supplemented with hardwork & determination to succeed. I scored 91.6% in the 10th grade. This result filled me withmore confidence & left me with a predilection for academics. Then came the phase
    of pre-university examination(10+2) in which i secured 94.5%. It was this fascination & years of hard work resulted in my selection in engineering and medicine common entrance test ( EAMCET ) in which I was ranked among the top 3% of one lakh candidates which fetched me an admission into the University College Of Pharmaceutical Science, Kakatiya university, Warangal. It is one of the best pharmacycollege in our state with excellent faculty & competitive environment.

    An exhilarating career in the field of chemistry has always been my dream. This dream led me to choose Pharmaceutical Sciences as undergraduate course. A well-structured and comprehensive course curriculum at University College Of Pharmaceuticals Sciences, Kakatiya University, has laid a firm foundation in the areas of Organic Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Analysis etc. Equipped with a sound knowledge of Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, I am convicted that I am capable of pursuing research in my choosed field.


    Chemistry has gained prominence over these years, as this branch has undergone technical innovations and enrichments. Newer instrumental techniques have undoubtedly added immensely to penetrative chemical estimations. The processes used for the estimation of the compounds require high sophistication and skill. Over the past three years I am introduced to different topics of Chemistry, I have spent good deal of time learning seperative techniques like solvent extraction, ion exchange, chromatography and also I an familiar with the basic principles-spectroscopy ( UV, Visible, IR), Conductometry, Nephelometry, gas analysis. I also did analytical work on organic compounds, i.e. elemental analysis, functional group analysis, and of fats & oils, blood, water as a part of my practical assignments.


    I have undergone Hospital training and have been exposed to different types dosage dispensing methods in “ Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories,” headquartered at Hyderabad”. This training provided me with a pragmatic outlook and the prerequisite attitude and aptitude for research.


    I belie that the vast application potential and tremendous scope for research in
    the field of chemistry provide me with an invigorating and challenging academic environment. By pursuing graduate study, I wish to move towards my goal of contributing more effectively to the society scientist.

    Graduate study, I feel, will provide ample opportunities to involve myself in my
    areas of interest. Experiencing the challenges and rewards of exploring new relationships between ideas and facts, acquiring expertise with tools and methods central to my discipline and there by honing my creative insights and abilities are some of the expectations in my mind for pursuing graduate study and research work.

    As I plan to either work as a research professional or work in an Industry that can allow me to explore and experiment, helping in the development of novel vistas in
    the field of study. I feel that a master’s degree is my next logical step and as I am very much interested in the chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques, Chromatography fascinated me very much during my undergraduate study. I developed profound interest on the subject and had learnt in detail about adsorption chromatography, TLC, HPLC, and Gas Chromatography, fluid partition I think my research should be in the above aspects.


    On careful study of the college, website and its appropriate superiors advising for it, I have found that the graduate program suits my needs perfectly and active research is in accordance with my interest. Together with its eminent faculty, excellent research facilities, pleasant university ambience and balanced academic program, I feel that your university is the right place to embark upon my graduate study. I am confident that I will live up to the high academic standards of your university supported by your able academic guidance. I believe that enrollment at your university will satiate my thirst for the subject and provide an opportunity to scale the ladder of success, I am sure that working in the highly stimulating atmosphere of your campus will provide me the impetus to strive ceaselessly to attain my cherished goals. Coming to my personality, I assure you that I have necessary commitment, intelligence, maturity and determination to achieve my goals. My strengths are conceptual understanding, self confidence, hardworking and optimism.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my views. I hope that I satisfy the criteria for admission along with a possible financial aid. An assistantship in any encouraging field would give me an in valuable research experience.

    Expecting a favorable consideration and looking forward to being associated with you.
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