• Statement of Purpose for MS in Civil Engineering


    Program Applied : Masters (MS)
    Major : Civil Engineering

    “Education is a tool that puts one on a fast track to acquiring knowledge and personality that sets one apart from the crowd. It is one bottom less hole; no matter how much one pours himselfinto it, he thirsts for more.”

    I can still vividly recall the memory of the day I saw the labs of civil engineering department in open house program at **** Institute , Guntur eight years ago. Its machinery and the testing machines interested me a lot. I believe that the best way to predict the future is to make it. With this belief, I always planned and executed my life towards predetermined goals. I worked towards and secured admission for an undergraduate program in civil engineering in ****, Guntur which is rated one among the best engineering college in south India.

    Once I secured admission to one of the most competitive and rigorous civil engineering programs in India, I structured view of what I might do here. But I found civil engineering even more interesting and challenging than what I had imagined. Right from the second year, my kind of preparation was to gain knowledge and subject in depth rather than just getting marks though I was able to put up good marks on board. My uncle being a civil engineer added to my further inspiration to define my career goals.

    About Undergraduate study, I feel is not a denouement of what I call a journey towards excellence and competence. Graduate study a sequel to undergraduate study opens up newer avenues to explore and gives one a wider range of career objectives. My schooling at elementary and high school has given and excellent command in basics of mathematics and science and more importantly ignited in me strong interest in civil engineering.

    In this ever-changing world of Engineering and Technology, where each new day sees a spate of new concepts and applications and each passing day makes them obsolete, I want to attain the highest level of education and transcend new horizons in the chosen field. The vast application potential and tremendous scope for high career in civil engineering always fascinated me and I am keen to continue my academic pursuit in this field.

    Civil engineering as I believe is the only field where one’s work can be seen and felt directly by the senses and anything done stays forever to the credit. I feel that this is the field which requires lot of patience, perseverance and management skills to be successful. These are qualities which need to be nurtured with lot of motivation and hard work and my college proved to me a right place for this objective.

    Now at this junction of my career, I am confident that when I make the transition into masters program, I will be building on a strong foundation gained in the past years. My strategy for graduate study will, therefore, be a prolonged one where in I shall be consolidating my knowledge in a more specialized way and acquire the skills used for the research. My field of interest in civil engineering is Environmental engineering which has gained lot of prominence in recent years both in India and abroad. This interest has intuited me to take advanced courses like Environmental Science and Engineering and Waste Water Management in my final year as elective subjects.

    I am applying for your college on an account of its excellent research facilities combined with distinguished and dedicated faculty. My admission into your esteemed institution is of paramount importance for my career. With my theoretical knowledge and practical skill I am well equipped to meet your expectations. I am confident that I would surely synchronize to your standards. I hope I will be favorably considered for admission for graduate study with possible financial assistance.

    Having made this statement of my objectives it is my belief that what your university looks for, in a prospective student, is a strong academic background and the will to perform and deliver. An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity and the state of the art research facilities in the field of Civil Engineering are the most important factors, which motivated me to choose your university.

    All knowledge is in human mind, it requires only an awakening. Since I strongly believe that your university would be an ideal place for me to pursue my graduate studies, I wish to canalize my knowledge and make my life significant by joining your university.

    Thanks for considering the application

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      Can we add our internships in our SOP?
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      Excellent sop
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