• Statement of Purpose for Biomedical Engineering

    Major: MS in Bio medical

    The wonders that science and technology have unfolded before us are not limited to time and space .My aim in life is to accumulate this diverse knowledge from all over the world. With this cherished goal in my mind, I wish to state in the following paragraphs, my viewpoints and the rational behind my application to the graduate studies program in Bio-Medical Instrumentation at **** university.
    Throughout my ten years of school life and two years of high school study, I have maintained a consistent and good academic record and was always amongst the top five of my class. Coming to extra-curricular activities, I was the head sports captain for girls and also participated in the state level U.N.Celebrations. Aspiring for the best undergraduate course that all good science students do and also influenced bythe fact that I come from a family of engineers and scientists-I appeared for the EAMCET ( Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test)and opted for Instrumentation and Control Engineering at ***** College, affiliated to JNTU , Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.
    During my undergraduate years I could learn the fundamentals in Transducers and Instrumentation Components, Electrical and Electronic measurements, Electronic Equipment design, Analytical Instrumentation, Process Control Instrumentation, Power plant Instrumentation , Digital and optimal Control Systems. I observed on various occasions , especially in transducers and instrumentation components which is a vast subject, that there existed a wide enough rift between learning and practical implementation. While the undergraduate courses enable a student to grasp the fundamentals involved in a particular discipline of engineering, they do not present the opportunity to learn the ropes with new technologies that are current within the industry. Specialization becomes a necessity to understand new technologies and to improve upon the existing ones. It is to achieve this sophistication that I set out to pursue my post-graduate (M.S.) studies in Bio-Medical Instrumentation. During my third year holidays I have done a project on Computerized respiration analysis through embedded systems, a part of Bio-Medical instrumentation, one of the electives in the final year. This short stint has given me invaluable practical experience. It has given me the confidence to pursue a masterís degree and also kindled a desire to do research. The undergraduate course in Instrumentation and Control Engineering and with the advice of widely respected teachers at the college has given me the motivation to pursue a career in Bio-medical Instrumentation .
    The sharing of ideas and new findings has always been a part of my undergraduate life. Presentations and seminars were a perfect opportunity for me to explore beyond the syllabus and were instrumental in giving me a competitive edge over my peers. I relish a chance to indulge my creative side and gaining a deeper understanding of my work in process of presentations. I enjoy diving into a flood of data, picking out relevant information and delivering it all to an appreciative audience! In second year of my under-graduation I got a chance to present a paper at national-level on the topic Robotics. The dynamic nature of scientific research was revealed to me as I worked on my presentation. Often new theories were replaced by old ones so fast that I was updating my work right up till the morning I had to present. By this experience I could learn that before beginning the first robotics project, prospective robotic hobbyist and robotic sports enthusiasts must have a basic understanding of the field of robotics and the issues surrounding robotic systems, including mechanical design, sensory systems, electronic control and software. A basic understanding of micro-controller systems including serial and memory-mapped interfacing, as well as some available open source software options should also be high on the list.
    Quest for knowledge needs considerable persistence and an unquenchable desire to learn. Whatever I have achieved till now can be attributed to my diligence and perseverance, which I have learned from my close knit family and culture. With the same indefatigable spirit, I am ready to utilize and direct all my physical and mental abilities to achieve the same in my future studies and research work.
    I believe the field of instrumentation offered so immense a potential that given me an opportunity to opt for Bio-Medical Instrumentation, I would be interested to work in the area of bio-medical instrumentation which deals with its development. I bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals, an aptitude for teaching and team work, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. In addition I would like to take with me a network of strong and lasting relationships that I maintain with my teachers and fellow students. I hope that my qualifications and background are found suitable for MS in Bio-Medical Instrumentation at ******* university.

    Having been enlightened by many professors and several graduating seniors about the rigorous course work besides possessing state-of-the-art research facilities, I had no dilemma in choosing **** university as my dream university for pursuing my graduate studies. I am sure that *** university with dynamic faculty, well equipped laboratories and world renowned graduate programs would definitely help me in achieving my goals and contribute something of my own in my field of interest. I believe that with my capacity for hardwork, commendable logic and dedication to achieve my goals, I will be able to do very well in my Graduate course. I aver that I take it as a challenge and spare no effort of mine in utilizing the resources available at your university. I am sure that you will share my confidence and give me an opportunity to continue with my further studies at your esteemed university.
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