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    There are various factors for which a person can be classified into which status he belongs to. According to me, I would rate Education as the first and the foremost factor. But having education from an ordinary institute is very much different from having it in a University comprising of high standards. For having such education from such institutions, apart from money a person should have zeal and should be curious towards learning new things. Curiosity is the first and the foremost quality which drives a person towards learning new things. From my childhood one of my qualities which drove me to this position is my robust zeal which I have possessed right from childhood. My interest, passion, dedication in every piece of work I perform, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, as well as leading me through a successful educational career.

    With my eyes clearly set on my goals, I took up mathematics and physical sciences in my pre-university course. I have excelled in academics right from my school days. In school, I actively used to secure one of the top positions in the class. I have consistently been allured towards subjects that draw upon one’s analytical abilities. Hence, Mathematics and Physics were my beloved subjects. I was placed among the top 10 % of the candidates who appeared for the National Search Examination in mathematics an Olympiad conducted all over India. This ensured my smooth passage into an engineering degree.

    After my Schooling was done, it was high time that I had to choose a major for the higher secondary education i.e. I had to go towards Engineering or Medicine. My intense interest in mathematics and penchant nature towards the latest technologies available in the market made me choose Engineering. A natural aptitude for mathematics, a sense of logic, good grades, high academic credentials and a good rank in national level examination among 300,000 people secured me a place in Sathyabama University. Accredited as an ‘A’ grade college by a national body called National Assessment and Accreditation Council, a Top University in the neighboring state and our college is ranked among top 60 Universities in India having chosen Electronic and Communication Engineering as my major, the college has given me wide range of opportunity to enhance my skill in both theory and practical.

    As Edsger Dijkstra rightly said Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. In today’s information age, having the knowledge of electronics and communication together with computer science in a meaningful and in depth manner is of great advantage. For example, it is not the case that computer scientists program and electronic engineers design, but rather that both hardware and software must be co designed, if they are to produce an efficient and useful system, Electronic and Communication Engineering provides the designs and working of various electronic gadgets using microcontrollers, microprocessors. While the study of Computer Science gives both the theoretical and practical abilities to reason about and develop solutions to a problem, having a thorough knowledge in Computer Science will allow me to take idea from concept all the way through a concrete implementation balancing various requirement. I visualized the beauty of computer science and engineering in my undergraduate course after dealing with subjects C, C++, Java, Database Management Systems Operating Systems etc. To be able to face the competition, I kept myself abreast with the latest technologies by reading magazines and attending workshops.

    I feel that the prerequisite of a research oriented student is his ability of problem solving and to perform independent research work under the guidance of an advisor. My B.E Major Project gave me such an opportunity. In my final year project I worked on a project “Software Defined Radio design for a Cognitive Radio” using MATLAB simulation software under the esteemed guidance of Dr. E. Logashanmugam, Head of the Department and N. M. Nandhita, M.E, Ph.D. The project deals with the designing a Software Defined Radio design for a Cognitive Radio using Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. The project has improved the understanding of the concepts in a practical and constructive way. Our work was greatly appreciated by the professor and we even uploaded our project for the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

    Further studies were always a priority for me. Under the Campus Recruitment Drives conducted at Sathyabama University, I was placed in Cognizant Technology Services (http://www.cognizant.com/) the world leader in IT consulting and System Integrated Services Company. I have attended campus recruitment training and various other courses to brush my knowledge and strengthen my grip on the concepts. My hard work for getting placed has sharpened my programming skills in C, C++, and JAVA, SQL.

    I thank you for this opportunity to express myself, through this statement which is my earnest purpose for pursuit of Academic Excellence. All that is stated above about me bears the testimony of my life and ambitions in brief but the broader perspective of it is beyond the limits of this statement. University of Missouri at Rolla holds the key to my future and I am fully convinced that it would be a great experience to study here. I look forward to being a part of the graduate program. I assure you, that, I will be unsparing in my efforts, to scale academic heights, bringing laurels to your institutions which, I feel is the ideal for me to pursue my graduate studies. Once I complete my Master’s Degree in Computer Science in your University, I intend to follow this up with a Ph.D., which would help to build up my career in the field of research and teaching. An admission into your most prestigious university with aid would boost up my spirits to enter a new world of graduate studies.

    I may not have the Perfect complete profile throughout my carrier and there might be infirmity at some point of time. However some imperfections can be expelled considering some aspects in my profile and I hope my profile suits the University and my grub work done these years help me get admission in your University. I am looking forward to join the University, as a graduate student for Masters in Computer Science.

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