• SOP for MS in Computer Science

    Statement of Purpose for Master of Science in Computer Science.

    SOP for MS in Computer Science

    From my childhood, I was one who was impatient and always took deep interest in getting involved in something new- be it sports or other activities. I moved from cricket to tennis, then to playing guitar, from basketball to swimming and lot more. But one thing that fascinated me and steadfastly gripped my interest is the love and curiosity for computers. This inspires me to learn more and more in the field of computers and, therefore, I would love to do a Graduate program in Computers. I have chosen University of Texas at Dallas to do the Graduate Program as it is reputed in offering an in-depth understanding in the rapidly changing field of Computer Science. To be a part of this would be a dream come true for any budding engineer. I am confident of meeting the high standards of the University of Texas at Dallas; my splendid performance in computer related subjects in my undergraduate studies is testimony of my passion for those subjects.

    My interaction with computers started with Logo (programming language) during my school days where I could create various shapes and produce line graphics. I gradually moved to ‘BASIC’ language and functionalities of computers. There was something about computers and programming that always attracted my interest. In High School I worked on C and Visual Basic. This interest kept growing and made me opt for Computer Science as my discipline in undergraduate course in Bachelor of Technology. In the 2nd year, I learnt ‘Photoshop’ software and made designs and animations. I even gave a presentation by creating an advertisement made by using Photoshop.

    While in the final year of undergraduate studies, I devoted a considerable amount of time for work in a Company known as Technology Business Incubator (TBI). I worked in the Research and Development department in TBI during which I acquired great amount of knowledge. I worked on a big project with my team in TBI, as a Team Leader. The project involved development of a site related to education for students in a State in the Eastern part of India. It is a comprehensive and a complete guide for students and parents showing opportunities available for studies in High School and Secondary School level. It is a site for on-line mentoring and interaction with expert faculty in various subjects. It is also a platform for on-line coaching and making available sample test papers for preparation for various competitive exams. The site serves one very noble cause – helps less-privileged students access quality study material, who in the normal course cannot pay for it. This experience motivated me and created further interest in me to study Computer Science in greater depth.

    I was one of the few students who were privileged in the final year in Engineering to teach Asp.Net web application framework to students of our College. While teaching never earlier crossed my mind as a profession, this experience has created an interest in me to read, learn and know beyond books. I loved and enjoyed this experience. In line with this interest, I went for training in a reputed Company to step-up my skills in web technology field. I am sure a post-graduate program will further enhance my knowledge and I can contribute in using it constructively and sharing my knowledge with others. Keeping in view my background and career plans, I would prefer a teaching assistantship. But I would also like to have research experience.

    As a Software Engineer at Aricent Group, working in the Telecom domain, I am involved in developing and maintaining projects for various clients across the globe related to Flexible Routing and Charging application. The job has helped me learn about Web development using Java platforms, massive data handling, implementing and providing routing and charging voice services and various other innovative services like televoting, internet callback etc for service providers. I have been awarded the SNAP award for the best project in the initial training stage in this Company which was a big boost on a personal level to learn and deliver more. I have experienced that the core of any business is a huge store of data. In-depth simulation, analysis and computation enables well-informed decisions.

    Apart from academic life, I participated in athletic and cultural events and acquired good organizing abilities. To start with I am a gold medalist in swimming at the State and zonal level. I also participated in nationals representing my State. I played an important role in organizing both cultural and technical festivals for my College. I have organized ‘Green Day’ which was my own idea for arousing interest in greenery around my College. I actively participate for organising events for the underprivileged tribals through the good offices of our University which works for the upliftment of tribals. As the student organizer of various levels of University level events, I have organized as well anchored several events. I have headed the Dramatics society in the final year of my study at KIIT University and have won accolades and acclaims from various prestigious Institutions such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT - Kharagpur) and Xavier’s Institute of Management (XIM- Bhubaneswar).

    I have surveyed the various research areas in the University of Texas at Dallas and “Computer Science” will be optimum in my future research in Data Security, Data Mining, Social Networks, Digital and Wireless communications, etc. Studying through the University’s website, I have also come to understand that there are numerous Research Centres and Laboratories and specifically Cybersecurity Research Center (CSRC), Center for Advanced Telecommunications Systems and Services (CATSS) and Advanced Network Research Lab, Programming –Languages and Systems Lab and Data Security and privacy Laboratory can help me to obtain an on-field experience in diverse fields.

    My ultimate goal is to make a constructive and commendable contribution to the society at large through knowledge acquired in my field of specialization. I would like to make my knowledge work to make a difference in life for the common man in India and generate employment and wealth in society. I am determined that a dedicated study in Computer Science will enable me to aggregate all my previous knowledge & experience and encourage me in achieving my career goal. Being part of such an excellent department in the University of Texas at Dallas will be a big step in achieving my long term goals. The highly competitive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere at this University will surely bring out the best in me. I look forward to the opportunity to pursue a Master’s Degree in your reputed University.
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    1. yogeshwar's Avatar
      yogeshwar -
      i want to complete my msc computer science in usa .
      So wanted to know the procedures involved in this .
      Because i dont know the procedure...
      i want the total information about how to apply to usa universities for mcs .....
      I am belonging to the India .
      I wanted to know,is there are special exams to gets admission to usa universities....
      please if, Someone know that then let me know......
    1. Gajab_Launda's Avatar
      Gajab_Launda -
      For MS in US you would have to give two standardized tests both conducted by ets:
      1. GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
      2. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

      After that you need to apply to universities of your choice with the above tests' score along with your undergraduate report, a recommendation letter and a statement of purpose.
      If the university you applied for likes your profile then you'll get admission.
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