• Skipped Verbal section in GRE Exam

    In the GRE exam Unfortunately i clicked continue twice where it skip one verbal section and and my final score is 280. I am worried about admissions and Visa interview please help Me. I left an email To ETS stating the issue. waiting for response.

    Skipped GRE section accidentally

    I have seen students accidentally doing this mistake in GRE Exam. Some skipped GRE verbal section and some skipped Quantitative section. If you skip any section your test will only scored for the questions you answered. If you skip the section at the beginning you will end up with 130 in the section.

    ETS can't help you or won't let you take a replacement exam if you skip a section. You need to book new GRE test appointment to retake the test.

    Make sure you take ETS GRE tests before you go to the exam and get familiar with buttons and screens in the exam.

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