• Sign this petition to clear 240 yrs of wait time for Greencard

    What you have seen about Greencard wait time in the title is true. Literally it will take 240 yrs for you to get US Greencard.

    MSinUS Community should take action by signing this petition asking US Govt to issue un-used greencards over the years to clear the GC Backlog

    How to Sign the petition to clear Greencard Backlog

    Here is the link to the petition

    Steps to sign the petition
    Click on the above link.
    Give your First Name, Last Name, E-mail on the box on the right and click on SIGN NOW.
    You will receive an email to confirm your signature.
    Click on the link in the email you received.

    Story Behind this petition

    There are around 100,000 indians graduating per year from US Schools. Around 20,000 of them are the potential candidates for Greencard and there is inflow from India on H1B and L1 visas who also fall in this category. So every year 30,000 Indians are applying for GC in EB2 category.

    Category GCs issued until People Waiting Cards Being Issued
    EB2 2008 OCT 8 yrs of wait time
    30000 primary candidates/year waiting 1000/year being issued to primary applicants.
    (8x30000) = 2,40,000 people waiting as of today. 240 yrs to clear EB2 GC Backlog.
    EB3 2005 NOV 12 yrs of wait time
    36000 primary applicants per year in queue 1000/year being issued to primary applicants
    (12x36000) = 432,000 people waiting as of today. 432 yrs to clear EB3 GC Backlog.

    Though USCIS issues approximately 2800 green cards per year for EB2 India applicants, count 2,800 includes primary applicant + Spouse + Children. Since Spouse and children are being included in the count 2,800 is being down to 1000 for Primary EB2 applicants.

    Usually Companies file EB2 GC for masters and Phd Students. So, if your company filed greencard today it would take 240 yrs to get greecard.

    Similarly, on an average there will be 36,000 Primary applicants were in EB3 India queue.

    So this petition is to clear the greencard backlog by re-issuing green cards that are wasted over years. Current Greencard system has been in place since 1990s. Aroung 500,000 greencard were wasted by not issuing to the candidates.

    So, it is necessary that you sign this petition to get a response from US Govt.

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      Get this shit fixed
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      I support the movement
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