• Scored 120 in TOEFL and 2400 in SAT - Indian Student Creates Record

    Shreya Vardhan from Delhi Public School scored 120 out of 120 in TOEFL, Full score of 2400 in SAT exam and seured 800 out of 800 in SAT Subject test. Its a Record. She is only one who made highest possible scores in all the tests in recent years.

    Watch her interview on NDTV.

    A love for Physics, Jane Eyre and quizzes is perhaps what helped Shreya Vardhan achieve what no one else has. The 15-year-old student of Class 12 has managed an unheard of feat. She has scored a 100% in all the admission tests that she took for a foreign university. She has managed to score full marks in the SAT Reasoning Test, the SAT Subject Tests, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. According to many education experts, this is unheard of.

    "We often see students who get a 98% or a 99% in their SATs and then we see those who have a very good score in TOEFL as well. But managing a 100% in SATs, TOEFL as well as AP exams is something that I have never heard. It is a great achievement," said Usha Alburqueque, career counsellor.

    But Vardhan does not feel that she has done anything out of the ordinary. "Yes, I am very happy, but I am like any other kid. I do like to study but I also play tennis and read fiction. My favourite authors are Jane Eyre, John Grisham and Jawaharlal Nehru," she says.

    "She has always been a very bright kid, a topper in class. One thing about her is that she likes to read a lot. That is what, I think, helped her score so well. All the trunks in my house are full of books," said Reena, Vardhan, Shreyas mother.
    The daughter of an army officer, Shreya has been living in Delhi for the last one year and is a student of Delhi Public School, RK Puram.

    According to her, acing the SATs was quite easy. "The questions are much easier than the ones we have in Classes 12 and 11. Its the same with TOEFL too. The questions are easy but one needs to practice the listening section," she said.

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    1. Ungregi's Avatar
      Ungregi -
      what about IIT-JEE?
    1. virajrocks's Avatar
      virajrocks -
      It once again states that 'practice makes man perfect'!
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -
      Who cares about IIT JEE if she can make her way through world class Universities rather than IIT
    1. THE GUY's Avatar
      THE GUY -
      Try the IIT - JEE ;D
    1. Anggi's Avatar
      Anggi -
      I think you dont have to take TOEFL test.Just tell them you are British and English is your 1st language. I am ptetry sure they know people in UK speak English too.As far as I know, the TOEFL test is only required for those who are coming from countries that do not speak English.BTW, Which University are you planning to study in?
    1. Fahad's Avatar
      Fahad -
      Unofficial advice you sholud not lose hope wait for other tests' results to come out. Then you can judge your streams on your ranks and then chose the best available. It may depend on your AIEEE rank you can get Mechanical or IT at Delhi ( DCE and NSIT ) or you can get some NIT ( they are good too ). Dont lose hope. if you do, that is when you start complicating things for yourself. Just wait and be patient.And 800 rank isnt bad at all. You can get selected in IIT D , I suppose. Taking computers is not always necessary is it?
    1. Adriano's Avatar
      Adriano -
      First of all, make yourself procefiint and efficient in solving all the questions you have got so far in terms of your chapters, tests, assignments, workshops etc. Looking for new questions doesnt help to much and i know that VMC will be providing all VMCians (Classroom and correspondence) with a lot of questions to practice.Again, dont completely run for the questions. Practice hard on the concepts and questions done till now.
    1. Sourab's Avatar
      Sourab -
      karen 2007-09-21 3:01 上午 exactly what i need~i have spent a whole day to study the oriingal doc of Yahoo's frontpage before i come to visit this site~~really really good~~thanks a lot~
    1. kpnaikwade's Avatar
      kpnaikwade -
      i m new on his site... But i read ur achivments it was great. Heartly congrats for your achiments....Presently i am thinking to pursuing master degree from US. I am applying for tofel. I want some guidance how to prepare for this exam.
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