• Sample Affidavit of Support to Study in USA - Self Affidavit

    What is affidavit of Support?

    While applying to MS in US or PhD, Universities ask you to submit Affidavit of support to prove that your or your family has enough funds/money to sponsor the education.

    When do i need to submit Affidavit to the university I am applying?

    Most of the universities ask you to submit affidavit along with all other documents when you are applying to the school. Some schools ask you to submit affidavit after declaring the admission. They will give you i20 only after submitting affidavit.

    Who can sponsor your education?

    You can sponsor by your own or your family or relatives in India or abroad.. Some times it may be your employer or a organisation.

    Difference between affidavit and bank statement ?

    Both are different. Bank statement shows your bank balance and will be given by bank manager. Affidavit of support is just to confirming the will to fund your education in USA. It can be give by yourself, parents or the person or organization funding your education in USA.

    who will give affidavit?

    A Notary Lawyer. Both sponsor and lawyer have to sign the affidavit document.

    What stamp paper should i use?

    A 10 rupeee stamp paper is enough.


    I______________________________ s/o/w/o___________________________.

    R/o________________________ do hereby solemnly swear and declare as under:

    1. That my citizenship/nationality is ___________. My passport/voter card/driving

    License number is ___________issued at _______________on ____________.

    2. That I am employed as/ in business ___________________since_________ and

    My annual income is Rs.__________(Rupees________________________) as

    Per income tax return.

    3. That I am sponsoring my son/daughter Mr./Ms______________________ r/o

    __________________________________________________ ________Who is

    Undertaking higher studies in (Name of the country)____________________at

    (Name of the University)_______________________________________ __ in

    (Course)___________________________ Duration____ years beginning from

    _______ 200 to _______200.

    4. That I undertake to provide full financial support during his/her stay in

    _____________ including his tuition fees of _______________per annum and

    Living expenses of up to ___________per annum.

    Signature of sponsor:

    Sworn before me at ______________on this ________day of ____________-200
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    1. samiahmadkhan12's Avatar
      samiahmadkhan12 -
      My bank statements and financial affidavits of my sponsors are of different dates ( Bank statement is of 26/12/2014 and Financial affidavit 16/01/2015). My counsellor told me to make the affidavits of the same date as of bank statements otherwise there will be a problem. Is that so? Because I personally think that there should be no issues in that and am therefore confused. Need advice !! Please help
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      There is spelling mistake in my affidavit of support is there any problem for apllying university or getting I20 please reply me..Thank you.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      how much family funds shoud we show for master??.for getting i20..i want strong funds to appear in my i20..so plzz suggest me..the amount in dollar?..
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      is the affidavit required at the time of applying to the us universities
    1. Sita's Avatar
      Sita -
      In my i20 it shows self but visa documents I am gonna show my brother's funds will that be a problem
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