• Putting American Workers First: USCIS Announces More Onsite visits

    WASHINGTON U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced several measures to control the H-1B work visa fraud and abuse.

    Increased Onsite Visits by FBI

    As of 2015 around 25k random onsite visits are being done annually nationwide . After this announcement, the number is expected to go significantly higher may be up to 75-100k.

    Onsite visit will have an FBI official coming to your work location to collect information on your work, salary, employer and pass it back to USCIS.

    USCIS Onsite visits will focus on

    • Small US Employers (like small Desi consulting firms) who information is not publicly available.
    • H1B Dependent employer - 50% or more employees on H1B visa.
    • Companies recruiting the employees at third party Work locations or at a client site.

    Impact on Indian IT Professionals

    Most of them IT Outsourcing MNCs and Small desi firms in USA will place their employees at third party client location. Currently onsite visits by FBI are in place since around 2009. The new amendment may let FBI to check whether the employee-employer relationship is being established properly or not while the employee is placed at third party site.

    When an employee is placed at a third party website it is hard to prove the employee-employer relationship. This gives tough time for IT professional working at client site.
    FBI will also check the efforts made by the H1B employer to hire an American first.

    Here is the complete USCIS announcement: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-rele...raud-and-abuse

    Those who work for full-time to real companies may not see issues with the change.

    Bottomline: Working for Desi employers/Consulting firms is no longer safe.
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    1. Mayur Kosambia's Avatar
      Mayur Kosambia -
      My son is now on opt after completion of master's in computer science. One month ago he got 15 months contract with consultant.Recently he got job through consultant. What we do in future.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Is this rule applied only for new H1B's or people who are already stamped before
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