• Profile Evaluation for MS in US and PhD in USA - Choose Right Schools

    you can follow the Profile Evaluation for MS(University Selection) to evaluate your profile. This Profile Evaluation tool is created based on the data from the admissions given to hundreds of students at US Universities for MS in US and PhD programs. The missions of this "Profile Evaluation / University Selection Technique" is to suggest universities suitable to your profile. Start choosing right universities.
    Profile Evaluation (University Selection) for MS in US, PhD

    "Profile Evaluation for MS" is a technique developed by MSinUS.com. The major factors universities consider from your profile while taking decision about your application are GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores, Academic percentage, job experience, Extracurricular activities like national and international level paper presentation.

    Just start calculating your profile evaluation score based on the following criteria. Sum up all the points you get during the whole evaluation of your profile (GRE / TOEFL / Academic %, Job Ex, Extracurricular Activities.).

    Revised GRE General Test (If you take New GRE exam ignore the above table and start from here)

    If your Revised GRE Verbal is Points you get
    170 49.5
    170 49.5
    170 49.5
    170 49.5
    170 49.5
    169 49.5
    169 49.5
    168 49
    168 49
    167 49
    166 48.5
    165 48
    165 48
    164 47
    164 47
    163 46.5
    162 45
    162 45
    161 44.5
    160 43
    160 43
    159 42
    158 39.5
    158 39.5
    157 38.5
    156 36
    156 36
    155 34.5
    154 32
    154 32
    153 31
    152 28
    152 28
    151 25.5
    151 25.5
    150 24
    149 21
    149 21
    148 20
    147 18
    146 15.5
    146 15.5
    145 14
    144 13
    143 10.5
    143 10.5
    142 9
    141 8
    140 6.5
    139 5
    138 4
    137 3
    135 2
    134 1.5
    133 1
    132 0.5
    131 0.5
    130 0.5
    130 0.5
    130 0.5
    130 0.5

    If your Revised GRE Quant is Points you get
    170 50
    169 49
    168 48.5
    167 48
    166 47
    164 45.5
    163 44
    161 43
    160 42
    159 41
    158 39.5
    157 38.5
    156 37
    155 34.5
    155 34.5
    154 33.5
    153 32.5
    152 30.5
    152 30.5
    151 28
    151 28
    150 26.5
    149 24.5
    149 24.5
    148 22
    148 22
    147 20
    147 20
    146 18
    146 18
    145 16
    145 16
    144 13
    144 13
    144 13
    143 11
    143 11
    142 9.5
    142 9.5
    141 8
    141 8
    141 8
    140 6
    140 6
    140 6
    139 5
    139 5
    138 3.5
    138 3.5
    138 3.5
    137 3
    137 3
    136 2
    136 2
    136 2
    135 1.5
    135 1.5
    134 1
    134 1
    133 0.5
    133 0.5
    132 0.5
    132 0.5
    131 0.5
    131 0.5

    TOEFL score or IELTS (Count only one Score)

    If your TOEFL score is Points you get
    >110 20
    b/w 100 - 110 18
    b/w 90 - 100 16
    b/w 80 - 90 14
    b/w 70 - 80 12
    b/w 60 - 70 11
    b/w <60 10

    If your IELTS score is Points you get
    > 8.0 20
    7.0 - 8.0 18
    6.0 - 7.0 16
    6.0 14
    < 6.0 10

    Under graduation score (BE / B.tech / Medicine or Equivalent):

    If your Undergrad score is Points you get
    > 85% 70
    80 - 85 % 65
    75 - 80 % 60
    70 - 75 % 55
    60 - 70 % 50
    50 - 60 % 40
    < 50 % 30

    Job Experience:
    If your Job Experience is Points you get
    > 5 Yrs 5
    3 - 5 Yrs 4
    1 - 3 Yrs 3
    0 yrs 2

    Extracurricular Activities( National and International Paper presentations, others.)

    If number of presentations is Points you get
    > 5 5
    40607 4
    40546 3

    Now choose Universities based on your Profile Grade.

    If your Total score is You can select
    >194 A + Grade Universities
    174 - 194 A Grade Universities
    155 - 174 A- Grade Universities
    143 - 155 B + Grade Universities
    134 - 143 B Grade Universities
    121 - 134 B - Grade Universities
    94 - 121 C Grade Universities
    <94 D Grade Universities

    Profile Evaluation: Grade A+ Universities

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology www.mit.edu
    Stanford University www.stanford.edu
    University of California- Berkeley www.berkeley.edu
    University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign www.uiuc.edu
    University of Michigan Ann Arbor www.umich.edu
    Cornell University www.cornell.edu
    University of Texas at Austin www.utexas.edu
    University of Maryland – College park www.umd.edu
    University of California – San Diego www.ucsd.edu
    California Institute of Technology www.caltech.edu
    University of Wisconsin- Madison www.wisc.edu
    University of California Los Angles www.ucla.edu
    Harvard University www.harvard.edu
    Carnegie Mellon University www.cmu.edu

    Profile Evaluation: Grade A Universities

    Purdue University –West Lafayette www.purdue.edu
    Princeton University www.princeton.edu
    Pennsylvania State University –Univ Park www.psu.edu
    Georgia Institute of Technology www.gatech.edu
    Virginia poly Tech www.vt.edu
    Texas A & M College Station www.tamu.edu
    Duke University www.duke.edu
    University of Washington – Seattle www.washington.edu
    University of Minnesota www.umn.edu
    Columbia University www.columbia.edu
    Yale University www.yale.edu
    Ohio State University www.osu.edu
    University of Pittsburgh www.pitt.edu
    Brown university (RI) www.brown.edu
    John Hopkins University www.jhu.edu
    North Carolina State University www.ncsu.edu
    Dartmouth College, NH www.dartmouth.edu
    Iowa State University www.iastate.edu
    University of California- Santa Barbara www.ucsb.edu
    Case Western Reserve University www.cwru.edu
    Northwestern University (IL) www.northwestern.edu
    Arizona State University www.asu.edu
    University of Iowa www.uiowa.edu
    Rutgers, State Univ of NJ, New Brunswick www.rutgers.edu
    Rice University www.rice.edu
    University of Rochester www.rochester.edu
    University of Virginia www.virginia.edu
    University of Pennsylvania www.upenn.edu

    Profile Evaluation: Grade A- Universities
    University of Delaware www.udel.edu
    University of California – Davis www.ucdavis.edu
    University of Colorado –Boulder www.colorado.edu
    University of Notre Dame www.nd.edu
    University of Chicago www.uchicago.edu
    Lehigh University (PA) www.lehigh.edu
    University of Southern California www.usc.edu
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) www.rpi.edu
    University of Cincinnati www.uc.edu
    University of Florida; Gainesville www.ufl.edu
    Washington University St Louis www.wustl.edu
    Vanderbilt University (TN) www.vanderbilt.edu
    University of California - Irvine www.uci.edu
    Michigan State University www.msu.edu
    University of Massachusetts – Amherst www.umass.edu
    Kansas State University www.ksu.edu
    University of Alabama- Tuscaloosa www.ua.edu
    University of Arizona-Tucson www.uarizona.edu
    University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill www.unc.edu
    Colorado School of Mines www.mines.edu
    University of Illinois at Chicago www.uic.edu
    University of New Hampshire www.unh.edu
    University of New Mexico www.unm.edu
    Boston University www.bu.edu
    Colorado State University www.colostate.edu
    Auburn University www.auburn.edu
    University of Buffalo www.buffalo.edu
    University of Akron www.uakron.edu
    Drexel University www.drexel.edu
    Syracuse University www.syr.edu
    Oregon State University www.oregonstate.edu
    Clemson University www.clemson.edu

    Profile Evaluation: Grade B+ Universities
    University of Missouri – Rolla www.umr.edu
    University of Nebraska Lincoln www.unl.edu
    University of Connecticut www.uconn.edu
    University of Utah www.utah.edu
    University of Tennessee-Knoxville www.utk.edu
    West Virginia University www.wvu.edu
    University of Kansas www.ku.edu
    SUNY- stony brook www.sunnysb.edu
    University of Georgia www.uga.edu
    University of Missouri-Columbia www.mizzou.edu
    Oklahoma State University www.okstate.edu
    Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge www.lsu.edu
    University of South Carolina www.sc.edu
    Tulane University www.tulane.edu
    Indiana University - Bloomington www.indiana.edu
    University of Oklahoma www.ou.edu
    University of Miami www.miami.edu
    University of Texas – Dallas www.utdallas.edu
    Ohio University –Athens www.ohiou.edu
    University of Houston –Houston www.uh.edu
    Michigan technological University www.mtu.edu
    University of Maine www.umaine.edu
    University of Kentucky www.uky.edu
    George Washington University www.gwu.edu
    University of Central Florida www.ucf.edu

    Grade B Universities

    Northern Illinois University www.niu.edu
    Indiana University Purdue University www.iupui.edu
    University of Memphis www.memphis.edu
    University of Nevada Los Vegas www.unlv.edu
    University of Alabama-Huntsville www.uah.edu
    University of Idaho www.uidaho.edu
    Mississippi State university www.msstate.edu
    University of Missouri, Kansas City www.umkc.edu
    University of North Carolina-Charlotte www.uncc.edu
    Oregon Graduate Institute of Science &Tech www.ogi.edu
    George Mason University www.gmu.edu
    University of Indianapolis www.uindy.edu
    University of Nebraska Omaha www.unomaha.edu
    University of South Florida- Tampa www.usf.edu
    Middle Tennessee State University www.mtsu.edu
    Polytechnic University (NY) www.poly.edu
    University of New Orleans www.uno.edu
    University of Arkansas- Fayetteville www.uark.edu
    Tennessee Technological University www.tntech.edu
    University of South Florida www.usf.edu
    University of Louisiana-Lafayette www.lousiana.edu
    Florida Institute of Technology www.fit.edu
    Illinois Institute of Technology www.iit.edu
    Washington State University www.wsu.edu
    Georgia State University www.gsu.edu

    Grade B- Universities

    Texas Tech University
    Wayne State University
    University of Texas, Tyler uttyler.edu
    California State University, Sacramento
    Missouri State University
    New Mexico State University
    North Dakota State University
    University of Texas-Arlington
    Clarkson University
    Wright State University
    University of Tennessee Chattanooga
    University of Tulsa
    Portland state university
    University of Vermont
    Baylor University, Texas
    Villanova University
    University of Tampa
    Louisiana Tech. University
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Idaho State University
    Wichita State University
    University of Mississippi
    Northeastern University
    Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
    University of Alaska- Fairbanks
    Pace University, NY
    Wright State University
    Chicago State University
    South Dakota State University
    East Carolina University
    University of North Texas
    SUNY Institute of Technology
    University of Missouri at St Louis
    University of Northern Iowa
    University of Toledo
    University of Illinois at Springfield
    Old Dominion University, Virginia

    Grade C Universities

    Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) www.tamiu.edu
    Northwest Missouri State University www.nwmissouri.edu
    Lamar University www.lamar.edu
    Illinois State University, Normal www.ilstu.edu
    University of Louisville www.louisville.edu
    Texas A & M University, Commerce tamu-commerce.edu
    Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs www.coloradotech.edu
    Boise State university, Idaho www.boisestate.edu
    Montana State University, Bozeman www.montana.edu
    South Dakota School of Mines & technology www.sdsmt.edu
    North Carolina Agricultural & Tech State University www.ncat.edu
    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale www.siuc.edu
    Florida International university www.fiu.edu
    North Dakota State University www.nodak.edu
    Western Kentucky University www.wku.edu
    Bradley University www.bradley.edu
    Cleveland State University www.csuohio.edu
    University of Bridgeport –CT www.bridgeport.edu
    University of Dayton –Ohio www.udayton.edu
    Texas A & M university, Kingsville www.tamuk.edu
    University of West Florida, Pensacola www.uwf.edu
    Eastern Michigan University www.emich.edu
    Minnesota State University, Mankato www.mnsu.edu
    Suffolk University, MA www.suffolk.edu
    University of North Carolina, Greensboro www.uncg.edu
    New Mexico Institute of Mining &Tech. www.nmt.edu
    University of Central Arkansas www.uca.edu
    Southeastern University, DC www.seu.edu
    University of Hawaii www.hawai.edu
    University of Texas, Tyler www.uttyler.edu
    Eastern Washington University www.ewu.edu
    Southern Oregon University, Ashland www.sou.edu
    University of Texas at San Antonio www.utsa.edu
    State University of West Georgia www.westga.edu
    Ball State University www.bsu.edu
    University of Texas El Paso www.utep.edu
    Columbus State University www.colstate.edu
    Arkansas State University www.astate.edu
    University of Denver www.du.edu
    North Dakota State University www.ndsu.edu
    New York Institute of Technology www.nyit.edu
    California State University, Chico www.csuchico.edu
    Dakota State University www.dsu.edu
    St Cloud State University www.stcloudstate.edu
    Marquette University www.marquette.edu

    Grade D Universities

    >> Low GRE Universities: Universities for GRE Score 260-280

    Temple University, PA www.temple.edu
    City College of the City of New York www.cuny.edu
    Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) www.tamiu.edu
    Northeastern Illinois University www.neiu.edu
    University of Detroit Mercy www.udmercy.edu
    University of Arkansas Little Rock www.ualr.edu
    California State University, Fresno www.csufresno.edu
    Alabama A & M University www.aamu.edu
    Widener University, Pennsylvania www.widener.edu
    Alcorn State University www.alcorn.edu
    Gannon University www.gannon.edu
    University of Findlay-Ohio www.findlay.edu
    San Diego State University, California www.sdsu.edu
    Ball State University www.bsu.edu
    Northwestern Polytechnic University www.npu.edu
    Jacksonville State University www.jsu.edu
    Saint Joseph University www.sju.edu
    Chapman University www.chapman.edu
    Kent State University www.kent.edu
    Ferris State University www.ferris.edu
    University of New Haven, CT www.newhaven.edu
    Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey www.fdu.edu
    State University of New York, Albany www.albany.edu
    College of William & Mary www.wm.edu
    East Tennessee State University www.etsu.edu
    Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos www.swt.edu
    DePaul University www.depaul.edu
    Mc Neese State University www.mcneese.edu
    Oakland University www.oakland.edu
    Sam Houston State University www.shsu.edu
    San Jose state University www.sjsu.edu
    William Patterson University www.wpunj.edu
    Western Carolina University www.wcu.edu
    University of Central Oklahoma www.ucok.edu
    Widener University www.widener.edu
    University of St Thomas, MN www.stthomas.edu
    Western Illinois university www.wiu.edu
    Bowling Green State University, Ohio www.bgsu.edu
    Delaware State University www.desu.edu
    State University of New York, New Paltz www.newpaltz.edu
    Central Michigan University www.cmich.edu
    Indian University South Bend www.iusb.edu
    Saint Mary’s University San Antonio www.stmarytx.edu
    Shippensburg University, PA www.ship.edu
    East Tennessee State University www.etsu.edu
    University of Texas, Pan America www.panam.edu
    Jackson State University www.jsums.edu
    Oklahoma City University www.ocu.edu
    Frostburg State University www.frostburg.edu
    La Salle University, PA www.lasalle.edu
    Alfred University www.alfred.edu
    Monmouth University-New Jersey www.monmouth.edu
    Southern New Hampshire University www.snhu.edu
    Roosevelt University Chicago www.roosevelt.edu
    Drake university www.drake.edu
    Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania www.ship.edu
    Duquesne University www.duq.edu
    Georgia College & State University www.gcsu.edu
    Georgia Southern University www.georgiasouthern.edu
    Kennesaw State University www.kennesaw.edu
    Long Island University www.liu.edu
    Loyola University Chicago www.luc.edu
    Northern Kentucky University www.nku.edu
    Lawrence Tech University www.ltu.edu
    Clark Atlanta University www.cau.edu
    California State University, Northridge www.csun.edu
    Catholic University of America, Washington www.cua.edu
    Ohio Dominican College (University), Ohio www.ohiodominican.edu
    Ferris State University, Michigan www.ferris.edu
    Fitchburg State University, MA www.fsc.edu
    Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii www.hpu.edu
    Northwood University, Michigan www.northwood.edu
    Johnson and Wales University, RI www.jwu.edu
    Governors State University, Parkway IL www.govst.edu
    Troy State University, Alabama www.troyst.edu
    Stevens Institute of Technology www.stevens-tech.edu
    Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton www.fau.edu
    Golden Gate University www.ggu.edu
    Howard University www.howard.edu
    Dominican University www.dom.edu

    Some departments prefer under-graduate percentage than GRE/TOEFL scores and some others give important to test score rather than academics. Top univs give importance for Research papers.

    University Selection Based on Profile Evaluation

    If you are applying to 5 univs follow this plan:

    1) Apply to 2 universities above your Grade.
    2) Apply to 2 universities in the Grade you got.
    3) Apply to 1 school in the lower grade from the one you got. This will be a safe school for your profile.

    Make sure your TOEFL/IELTS score meets the university requirement.

    >> Low GRE Universities: Universities for GRE Score 260-280

    Disclaimer: 'Profile Evaluation' Technique is designed by me (Ajay Cherukuri) based on experience from Evaluating thousands of students. This is not rating or grading of US universities. This is the chart i follow to suggest universities for my students. I am not responsible for your admission or Rejection from a US University. I am not associated to any US University.

    Comments 330 Comments
    1. rajashekar's Avatar
      rajashekar -
      sir , i am raja shekar . i thank for all ur advices and service.sir i request u to evaluate my profile and suggest universities for me . my profile 10th - 72%, 12 - 86%, b.tech 59% (18 backlogs all are cleared)2011 passout. ielts 6.5 gre q 151 v 141 awa 3. i want to do mba or ms in us . plz suggest universites for both mba and ms sir . ishall be thankful for this
    1. Gokul's Avatar
      Gokul -
      I am GOKUL.R . I request u to evaluate my profile and suggest universities for me . gre q 141 v 140 awa 2.5. i want pursue my MS IN MECHANICAL Engg. plz suggest universites for the same. also let me know shud i re-take one more time.
      Also i have
      Work Exp 2 yrs
      Teaching Exp 1 yr.
    1. Dr Piyush's Avatar
      Dr Piyush -
      Can you help me for field of genetics? I don't get any stuff relating to that field on you site.
    1. canan_ial's Avatar
      canan_ial -
      B and b+ universities are same. Is there a mistake?
    1. meenal's Avatar
      meenal -

      I have completed B.E. and M.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication- both first class- Mumbai University) in 2002 and 2004 respectively and have a total 6+ years of experience of Teaching and .net (Development + testing) .

      My GRE scores are verbal - 152 and quant - 156 and TOEFL is 112 out of 120.

      I have applied for MS in Electrical Engg. (Brooklyn campus - Polytechnic institute - NYU )

      Could you please tell me what are my chances of getting an admit in NYU poly?


      Pune, India.
    1. srikanthb's Avatar
      srikanthb -
      i have taken my GRE Yesterday
      verbal - 138
      quants - 147
      ieltes - 6
      looking for masters in electrical
      having 73 % aggigate from electronics and communications enginneing without any back logs
      is there any universitys for fall intke . please suggest me to dis mail id
      please its urgent
    1. vishwas's Avatar
      vishwas -
      my profile is,
      10th standard---64%....2005 passout
      12th(puc)---48%....2007 passout
      B E(computer science)---51%....took 4.5 years...2011 passout
      have 17 backlogs all cleared...
      gre score---297
      havn't lost a year in between..
      no work experience...
      hav to still take my tofel exam,
      i'm looking for the jan 2013 intake,
      i hav some doubt regarding the visa,
      kindly help me by telling me the probability of getting the visa,
      my mail id is vishwas_3689@yahoo.co.in
    1. wasim's Avatar
      wasim -
      sir i am btech 4th yr student my aggregate until now is 80% can i apply to universities of us which can provide me funding my 10th standard % is 80 ND MY INTERMEDIATE % IS 83.1% PLEASE SUGGEST ME SOMETHING SIR I AM DESPERATE
    1. sreeram's Avatar
      sreeram -
      sir can can u please evalute my profile and suggest me universities.my info is as fallows....
      b-tech(CSE)-68%(no backlogs)
      going to take toefl this month.
      expecting score between-85-90.
      waiting for ur responce.......
    1. deepak sai's Avatar
      deepak sai -
      i got 59% in b.tech with 17 back logs and my gre is 920 and ielts is 6.5 is there any chance for me to study in u.s bcoz many of my frns said with 17backlogs u will not get visa can any one give ur suggestion plz mail to deepuboosa@gmail.com
    1. umak's Avatar
      umak -
      please evaluate:

      Btech- Civil -84%
      Work experience:3.9 yrs in TCS
      1 international paper
      2 national conferences

      one award from company

      looking for ms in geo technical or in MIS , could you please suggest the universities
    1. dileep's Avatar
      dileep -
      i am dileep kumar e
      i got 130 in verbal and 144 in quant , 40 in toefl marks.
      please guide me whether i will have a chance to get admission from the university or not.
      guide me what are the various universities which can i apply.
    1. deepaks's Avatar
      deepaks -
      hello!Sir could u suggest me which university in good for Chemical engineering,,My CGPA 9.09(no backs)10th 92.3%,12th 75%,i did my major project in IISC,bengaluru,gre(taking this month...hoping to get 290+),,,also please suggest me the other course which i can opt for my ms
    1. sabarish89's Avatar
      sabarish89 -
      Spring 2013 | MS | computers | 1160 quant 750 verbal 410 | BE:8.4gpa | ANU

      hi !
      I hav a gre score of 1160 ... verbal: 410 and quant:750
      Currently i am working in a software company and i am having a work experience of 1 and half year as of now.
      nd hav a gpa of 8.4/10 in engineering (computer science) ,
      95% in 12th grade and
      87% in 10th
      which univ should i consider for a masters in computer science with the above profile ?
      I want to pursue in a university which can provide a good funding and assistant ships(RA/GA/TA).
      the univ which i thought of are:
      pls suggest my chances in each of them

      university of akron
      University of Mussori,kansas city
      West Virginia university
      louisiana state university baton rouge
      Missisipi state university
      University of nebraska-lincoln
      Collarado state university
    1. dipachalla's Avatar
      dipachalla -
      hi i have a gre score of 295 v-140 q -155 and 2012 passed out of btech I.T of 72% 88% in both 10th and 12th grade which univ will be better for masters in computer science for my profile and any scholarship chances toefl yet to write nxt week .any univ in florida for my profile plz can usuggest dis especially
    1. Mahendran's Avatar
      Mahendran -
      hello guys suggest me some good universities(spring 2013) for ms in cs based on my profile

      1) my gre score is 290(138 in verbal and 152 in quants)(first attempt in revised GRE)(old GRE score is 850)
      2) toefl yet to take
      3) CGPA 7.5(BE - CSE)(2012 passout)
      4) one national conference paper
      5) one international conference paper and second international conference paper going to present in dis august
      6) my paper had been selected for two jounals and also they are goin to be publish the journals soon
      7) IBM-DB2 Certified

      pls suggest me some good universities for spring 2013
      reply as soon as possible

      thank u so much in advance
      reply to my mail id (mahent11@gmail.com)
    1. narendar25's Avatar
      narendar25 -
      Hai, Plz Evaluate my Profile for MS in CS, Applying for FALL 2013 GRE:920(650+270,3.0), 12th-88%, 10th- 85%, Done two Projects in my UG, 1.5yrs IT Experience, Please suggest me Universities for my Profile...
    1. shreyas999's Avatar
      shreyas999 -
      applying for fall 2013 .. GRE:300 ( Q:159 V:141);
      10th 81% .. +2: 80% .. finishing b.tech in 2013 : 60% (JNTU affiliated college)
      Arizona State University
      University of Arizona Tucson.
      Rutgers state univ Brunswick
      University of California Irvine..
      suggest me some universities for M.S in Computer Networks..
      Thank You :-)
    1. rr.raj's Avatar
      rr.raj -
      hi guys,
      want to pursue my ms in spring 2013.
      yet to write my gre and toefl.
      will complete writing it by sep 2012.
      can i make it before the deadline closes..
      if possible please suggest me some universities..
      thank u in advance
    1. praveenck's Avatar
      praveenck -
      Hi Sir ,

      I have finished my UG in 2010 and i was working in reputed IT firm for 2years till date .
      I have wrote GRE and i got 306/340 and rc , i got 2.5/6 .
      I yet to recieve my TOEFL score .
      May i know my scope of getting MS seat in EMU,Michigan .

      Please suggest me .

      Thanks in advance ,
      Praveen CK
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