• Polytechnic Institute of New York University | NYU-Poly Review

    This is about Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) located in Brooklyn, Newyork. Details about international student admissions, funding, oncampus jobs, tuition/fee at NYU Poly.

    Polytechnic Institute of New York University | NYU-Poly Review

    NYU Poly Website: http://www.poly.edu/

    Programs offered: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Civil, electrical, Industral, Environmental engg etc.

    Application fee and website: $75. http://www.poly.edu/admissions/graduate/apply

    Graduate Tuition deposit: To confirm your enrollment at NYU-Ploy, you need to pay $300 towards tuiton deposit.

    Cost of Education: $1,363 per credit hour. This is considered as expensive.

    Living cost: $700+ /month.

    GRE/TOEFL Score: You can try here if you have 305+ GRE and 80+ TOEFL.

    Deadline: For Fall deadline is Mar 15th. Spring semester deadline is December 1st.

    Funding: Chances are rare for funding like TA, RA. You may expect funding after 2nd or 3rd sem time that too based on your performance. Contact financial aid department at finaid@poly.edu for funding information.

    On campus job: Tough to get it as more number of Indian students are there.

    My Opinion: Join NYU-Poly only if you can afford tuition expenses without expecting any funding.
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